How to Store Partially-used Concrete Sealers

Storing partially-used sealers
One-part products are easily stored for reuse in the future. Of course, you want to avoid foreign contaminants, so don’t pour back into the container what you may have portioned off unless you strain the used material first. Fit the lid on securely. Be aware that this is not so much a problem of air being in the container; rather you don’t want the carrier to evaporate. Then, store the remaining sealer in a temperature-controlled environment (don’t let it freeze or become overheated). The effective shelf-life of a one-part product is generally two to four years, though some experts recommend using the sealer up within 18 months to two years. Remember, regardless of whether you’re opening a new container or reopening used material, make it your practice to run your material through a strainer into a thoroughly clean container every time.

When it comes to two-part sealers, once activated, they have to be used during their allocated use time. This “pot life” is fixed and typically a short period. Do not store an activated two-part sealer.

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