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Metso Outotec Reactorwell

Metso Outotec Reactorwell Feed System Maximizes Thickener and Clarifier Performance

Metso Outotec is launching the Metso Outotec Reactorwell. This is  a new generation feedwell  for maximizing thickener and clarifier performance. It does this while minimizing flocculant consumption and bringing significant operational cost efficiencies. The first-class feed system features high solids retention and mixing efficiency. It eliminates feed short-circuiting and offers […]

Stronghold Quick-Switch System

Stronghold Quick-Switch System by Pure Safety Group

Pure Safety Group is launching the Stronghold® Quick-Switch® Total Tether System for the prevention of dropped objects during work at height. The system is based on Quick-Switch, the only technology that allows workers to switch tools from one connection point to another in one motion to provide a level of safety from dropped objects unmatched in the industry.

PVC Pipe, Leftover Diamonds, Paint and Chalk Put to Work on Decorative Concrete Jobs

Make line cuts with a Dremel rotary tool Using a Dremel hand-held rotary tool for freehand line cuts in decorative concrete greatly decreases the time it takes and increases the accuracy of the cut. It is a small rotary tool with high rpm, and it’s relatively easy on the budget. […]

How to Protect Your Concrete Work Surface on the Job Site

Each job your company completes is a billboard. Each project says, “Yes, my company is good and worthy of your next decorative project,” or it says, “I’m a work in progress that right now, unfortunately, is not worth the chance.” Few billboards imply anything in between. At the end of […]