New Coatings and Sealers Created With Nanotechnology

 Evolution Surface Solutions has released their line of TruNano Sealers & Coatings, which is made up of five sealers, six coatings and two additives.Inspired by a desire to develop and utilize responsible chemistry for the environment, a group of scientists and chemists teamed up to create Evolution Surface Solutions. Now, after seven years of product testing, Evolution Surface Solutions has released their line of TruNano Sealers & Coatings, which is made up of five sealers, six coatings and two additives.

Four of the TruNano products have been created specifically for use with concrete applications. TruNano Multi-Surface Sealer can be used with concrete, and the TruNano Concrete Floor System is comprised of TruNano Stone and Concrete Enhancer Plus, Creative Color Dyes, and TruNano Concrete Armor.

Each of the products has been created with nanotechnology to help them repel water, dirt, oils and acids. The products’ particles create a tight bond with each other, making it difficult for substances to penetrate the surface.

Although the term “nanotechnology” typically describes anything that is less than 100 nanometers in size, Evolution Surface Solutions has managed to use molecules that are less than 30 nanometers in size, making the bond even harder to penetrate. This also helps prevent the coatings from chipping, flaking and peeling.

What sets TruNano Sealers & Coatings apart from other nanotechnology products is their green properties. The sealers are water-based and emit zero VOCs, while the coatings are low-VOC. In addition they are biodegradable. Evolution marketing director Valerie Behrendt says the company followed the “12

Principles of Green Chemistry,” displayed on the website of the Environmental Protection Agency and credited to Paul Anastas and John C. Warner, to ensure that the products were ecofriendly.

TruNano Multi-Surface Sealer is a breathable sealer for concrete that is both moisture- and stain-resistant, and it can be applied with a sprayer or roller.

The invisible sealer is dry to the touch within 15 minutes, when a second coat can also be added.

The TruNano Stone and Concrete Enhancer Plus is another sealer, which is designed to protect concrete surfaces from moisture damage and stains. It won’t break down in sunlight. It is also ideal for use in decorative applications as it enhances the color of the concrete.

Best of all, it can be mixed with Creative Color Dyes, allowing users to apply color and sealer in one step. The dyes are currently available in 13 colors, and custom colors can be created through mixing or layered application.

Rounding out Evolution’s line for concrete is TruNano Concrete Armor. Created with nanotechnology based on quartz molecules, it creates a rock-hard topcoat that protects against moisture, acids, oils and wear from heavy traffic. When applied over color, it helps prevent dyes from oxidation.

Another big benefit of using the TruNano Concrete Floor System is the time it can save contractors thanks to fast dry times and combining steps.

“You can put down a sealer and a color in the same step, and it’s dry to the touch within 10 minutes. After waiting two hours, you can apply Concrete Armor on top,” says Behrendt. “To achieve those three steps in one day, when it typically takes up to four days, gives contractors a substantial labor cost advantage,”

Kinloch USA manufactures all of the TruNano products.

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