The Ins and Outs of Concrete Floor Grinders

CS Unitec Inc. — EBS 180 Floor Grinder
CS Unitec’s EBS 180 7-inch walk-behind floor grinder prepares rough concrete and floors for a variety of resurfacing applications. It can be used to remove epoxy, glue, paint and other hard coatings.

The EBS 180’s 22-amp motor is mounted above the diamond wheel, away from dust and debris, to extend the lifetime of the grinder. The unit has a load speed of 6,000 rpm and weighs only 21 pounds. The EBS 180 also includes features for soft start, temperature control, overcurrent cut-off and constant speed. A dust extraction port allows connection to industrial wet/dry vacuums to maintain a clean working environment.

(800) 700-5919

Diteq Corp. — TEQ-Edge Grinder
With the DITEQ TEQ-Edge Grinder contractors can grind right up to the edge of a wall, eliminating the need for difficult, labor-intensive hand grinding. The side of the head cover comes off for edge grinding, and the adjustable axle enables the grinder to easily hug the wall. This machine is ideal for removing paint, epoxy, thin-set, urethane coatings and cutback adhesives. It can also be used to repair worn, damaged or spalled concrete and to level uneven or curling slabs.

The TEQ-Edge Grinder features a full floating head that can take an 8-inch diamond disc. It comes with either a 5.5-horsepower Honda engine or a 2-horsepower electric motor and has a vacuum connection and central water feed. Its fold-down handles can be raised or lowered for operator comfort.

(816) 246-5515

Draygon Enterprises Inc. — X4 and X6 Electric Planetary Grinders
The Draygon X4 and X6 Wet/Dry Electric Planetary Grinders combine the benefits of electric grinders with planetary head technology and a full range of diamond tools for grinding and polishing concrete, terrazzo and stone floors. The X4 and X6 are also suitable for removing glue and other coatings.

New drive mechanisms and antivibration/buffering systems deliver balance and power to the diamond discs in the X4 and X6 for steady operation and maximum performance.

The X4 is powered by a 5.5-horsepower, 220-volt single-phase motor and delivers speeds of 800-1,100 rpm with each of its three 6.3-inch grinding discs. For tougher grinding applications, the X6 runs on a 10-horsepower, 480-volt three-phase motor, and its three 8.7-inch discs grind at speeds of 300-1,400 rpm. The X6 comes standard with a 40-liter water tank, while the X4 has a tank attachment. Both machines come with vacuum ports as well as soft-start and emergency stop features.

(800) 724-3610

Husqvarna Group — Dual Trac RG 2112
The Husqvarna Dual Trac RG 2112 floor grinder is suitable for a wide variety of applications, including grinding or cleaning concrete surfaces, leveling uneven joints and removing epoxies, high spots, mastics, thin-set and urethanes. The Dual Trac RG 2112 comes equipped with two multipurpose grinding discs, each available with an array of job-specific attachments, for grinding brick, concrete, tile, stone and terrazzo.

The Dual Trac RG 2112 has a 22-inch working width and is available in either the 1.5-horsepower, 115-volt model, or the 8.9-horsepower gas-powered model. Both models come standard with a 3-inch vacuum port and have the optional additions of a water tank (for increased dust control) and weights and a weight tray (for improved grinding).

(704) 597-5000

Kut-Rite — KR34GR Rotary Polisher
Kut-Rite’s KR34GR rotary polisher is equipped with three independently driven high-speed polishing pads that cover a 34-inch surface. The overlapping 12-inch pad drivers are capable of producing more than 4,000 square feet per hour per grit of extreme high-gloss polished floor.

The KR34GR is powered by three 5-horsepower, 480-volt industrial motors that deliver 1,800 rpm at maximum torque. Adding to efficiency are the quick-release pad drivers and the flip-up head that allow users to change diamond grits quickly and easily. The flip-up head feature, coupled with the oversized handle, makes the KR34GR easy to move, even while powered down. The KR34GR is ideal for repolishing floors from 400-1,500 grit as well as finishing floors that, for example, have already been ground to the equivalent of 100 grit with a planetary machine.

The KR34GR can be equipped with an optional tow-behind vacuum system that contains a dust filter and three 277-volt vacuum motors.

(877) 786-5067

Latta Inc. — Concrete Floor Grinder
Latta’s Concrete Floor Grinder combines advanced technology with a patented grinder design for preparing or polishing any old or new concrete surface.

The Concrete Floor Grinder uses a three-head planetary design for an even finish when doing anything from rough grinding to high-gloss polishing. The grinder is available in three different models, all of them suitable for both wet and dry grinding applications — the 16-inch grinder is available with either a 110-volt or a 220-volt motor, while the 20-inch model has a 220-volt motor. All models can be equipped with any of Latta’s specialty heads for scarifying, scraping, diamond leveling and diamond polishing

(704) 752-7944

Levetec Surface Preparation and Machinery LLC — Extrema Edging Machine
Levetec’s Extrema Edging machine uses a 220-volt, 2-horsepower mono-phase motor to power an edger suitable for professional applications.

Two counter-rotating grinding elements operate at 1,200-2,300 rpm, while a 360-degree steering handle allows the operator to grind edges right up to the wall. The incorporated vacuum port allows for virtually dust-free operation. The Extrema can also work wet with the addition of an optional 2-gallon water tank.

(866) 538-3832

MK Diamond Products Inc. — MK-SDG & MK-DDG
MK Diamond grinders are designed for concrete work, including smoothing rough areas and surface irregularities, feathering patches and cleaning industrial floors.

MK Diamond manufactures a single-disc grinder, the MK-SDG, and a dual-disc grinder, the MK-DDG. The MK-SDG features a front-tapered nose to provide enhanced visibility, and the removable handles and nose weight make for easy transportation and storage. The dual-disc MK-DDG has been designed with two counter-rotating heads that prevent pulling. The MK-DDG comes standard with a vacuum port for dust control as well as a water control valve for wet grinding.

(800) 421-5830

Werkmaster (B A Werk Industries Ltd.) — SuperColossos Planetary Machine
The SuperColossos Planetary machine uses Werkmaster’s Octi-Disc technology to grind, edge, polish and buff concrete surfaces to within 1/8 inch of a wall. With eight heads spinning at up to 4,000 rpm, the SuperColossos provides fast, powerful grinding in a maneuverable machine.

The SuperColossos, along with the rest of the Werkmaster family, is suitable for grinding concrete (spalled, rained out or otherwise), thin-set, vinyl-composition tile or vinyl-asbestos tile glue, rubber-back carpet residue, mastic, epoxy, paint, and virtually any other concrete surface material. For even higher rates of removal, Werkmaster’s Ganging System allows users to lock two Werkmaster machines together, doubling production time and reducing labor costs.

(866) 373-9375

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