Concrete Polishing

Polished concrete is a process of progressive mechanical grinding, honing, densifying and polishing a concrete surface. This is done to achieve an aesthetically pleasing, highly durable, light-reflective finish.

concrete stain in a restaurant

Dye or Stain:
Which topical colorant is right for the job?

Architects, designers, customers, owners and most of your staff use the words dye and stain interchangeably. Is there a difference when it comes to choosing a topical colorant? And if so, why does it matter? Turns out the answer is yes and it matters. Stains are ground, insoluble pigment particles […]

A Terrco grinding machine

The Terrco Concrete Grinder
Electric Polishing Machine
That Keeps on Going

Sometimes two heads are better than four, especially when you’re dealing with concrete polishing jobs under 5,000 square feet. For grinding that involves spaces from residential basements and garages to small commercial offices and bathrooms, the two-headed Terrco Concrete Grinder 701-S is top of the list for many seasoned contractors. […]

Skudo floor protection protects from large equipment like this lift.

Commercial Protection System Helps Deliver Pristine Polished Floors

When Hutton, a large design-build firm based in Wichita, Kansas, outgrew its headquarters, owner Ben Hutton naturally turned to his own resources. He called on Hutton’s in-house architecture and design team to draw up plans for a new facility. In addition, he knew he needed some commercial protection systems in […]

delaminating polished concrete

Before polishing: Contractors must remove delamination and do repairs

As we discussed in Concrete 101, concrete is a hard, durable surface made up of cement, aggregate and water. It’s the single, largest, volume-building material used worldwide. All totaled, that equates to about 10 billion tons a year. For the most part, concrete does its job, and we hardly ever […]

the three parts of concrete- water, aggregate and cement

Concrete 101:
Know the basics of mix design

Concrete is a hard, durable substance made up of cement, aggregate and water. Together, these ingredients form concrete, the largest volume-building material used worldwide. Cement acts as the binder, the fine medium. Coarse aggregate gives concrete its compressive strength. And water initiates and promotes the reactions that allow concrete to […]

A single-use wet blanket is one of the methods for curing concrete

Which type of curing should you use for polished concrete?

The definition of curing is providing adequate moisture, temperature and time to allow cement to hydrate and concrete to develop internal strength and abrasion resistance. There are a number of methods for curing concrete. We have compiled them here in one place. Here are the methods for curing concrete Wet […]

Polished Included:
All Concrete Must Be Properly Cured

Curing is defined as providing adequate moisture, temperature and time to allow cement to hydrate and concrete to develop internal strength and abrasion resistance. Properly cured concrete should be the goal for all concrete, not just polished. There are different types of curing. These include: Wet cure involves a uniform […]

What to do?
Polished floor is complete
but client wants more shine

You’ve completely polished the concrete floor but the client wants more shine. Here are the things you’ll need to fulfill the task: High-speed propane burnisher – Ensure the machine is clean and dust free. Blow it out with an air compressor. Then clean an area of the shop floor. Next, […]