Flattooing: The Art of “Tattooing” Images to a Concrete Surface

Custom designed flattoos are available or you can purchase them from a catalog.

Applying color to the concrete surface with the flattoo helps make custom designs both indoors and out.

Using an airbrush to apply the flattoo to the concrete surface.

Using a cloth to absorb some of the excess color of the flattoo

Peeling away the flattoo reveals the finished product on the flat concrete surface.

Surface Gel Tek (SGT) has introduced a new process called Flattooing, the art of tattooing images into flat concrete surfaces. The Flattoo process uses Flattoos — vinyl adhesive designs — and Tek Gel for Stenciling Micro Etch.

Flattooing offers the applicator year-round income opportunities because the entire process is easily used indoors. Surface Gel Tek has a catalog of stock Flattoos, but all custom artwork designs are welcomed.

The Flattoo process increases income potential and decreases overhead. The cost of SGT’s stock Flattoo designs averages $6 per square foot. Tek Gel for Stenciling Micro Etch costs about 15 cents per square foot. The remaining tools needed for most any job is masking tape, a paintbrush, protective plastic, rags and a bucket of water. It’s that simple.

Flattoos come with a protective backing; weeded positive, negative or no weeding; and a top masking tape, which helps hold the shape of the Flattoo until it can be placed onto the concrete surface.

Surface Gel Tek offers monthly Flattoo Certification classes in the company’s Mesa, Ariz., factory. Classes are held to 10-12 people so everyone gets hands-on training. The four-hour class includes: How to make your own Flattoo; How to order a stock or custom Flattoo; accent coloring using Stain Mule The Stain Carrier; and Flattoo Certification.

Call Tamryn at (480) 970-4580 for more information.

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