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Vol. 3 No. 5 - October/ November 2003

Forging A Bond: An Overview of Bonding Agents in Decorative Concrete

Applying a bonding agent to concrete.Bonding agents are a widely debated family of products. Some concrete contractors will tell you they have a favorite bonding agent, one that they use almost exclusively. Others say they evaluate every job and develop a unique solution, drawing from a wide range of products. And there are some contractors who swear by the oldest bonding agent of them all, simply using a mixture of portland cement and water.

By Jennifer G. Prokopy
November 7, 2003
Concrete Countertops: When Are They the Right Choice for your Customer?

Concrete is making a permanent place for itself as a material of choice for countertops across the country.Concrete countertops are more than a trend. As more and more homeowners and designers specify concrete countertops in new homes and in remodeling projects, concrete is making a permanent place for itself as a material of choice for countertops across the country.

By Susan Brimo-Cox
November 6, 2003
Benefits of Snow Melt Systems and Radiant Heat for Concrete

Putting radiant heat coils into concrete is a great way to beat the winter snow blues.There is a way to rein in the nuisance of dealing with snow and ice: by melting it away! Snow shovels, plows, blowers, salts and other chemicals... not required. By introducing your clients to this technology, you can help them have a stress-free, accident-free winter.

By John Vastyan
November 4, 2003
Embedding and Imprinting Objects in Concrete

Imprinted brass gears in concrete Whether it's knick-knacks or corporate logos, embedding or imprinting objects into concrete gives an unmistakably addition to the home or business. Here are some tips on how to add this finishing touch to an interior or exterior project.

By Gail Elber
November 4, 2003
Shot Blasters and Concrete Surface Preparation

A shot blaster is the tool of choice for concrete contractors when prepping a surface.A shot blaster is the tool of choice for concrete contractors when prepping a surface. Shot blasting gives the surface a rough profile so coatings and sealers will bond snugly with a floor.

By John Strieder
November 1, 2003
Arcon, Las Vegas, Nevada: Innovative Leader in Decorative Concrete

Concrete floor in a high traffic retail spaceArcon is an innovative industry leader of new technology in cementitious, decorative, architectural flooring. Using structural concrete and overlayment, the company has provided an alternate to tile, stone, asphalt, Kool Deck, terrazzo, marble and other hard-surface flooring materials on many different projects.

October 25, 2003
Manufacturer Profile: Stegmeier Corp.

An alternative to a pre-cast concrete wall capA disposable foam form for cast in place concrete wall caps to be, creating cantilevered edges that look great but won't bust the budget.

Contractors in need of custom wall caps typically choose between pre-cast concrete, which is elegant but pricey, or cinder block caps, which are — and look — a lot cheaper.

By David Thompson
October 24, 2003
Artistic Solution Prevents Skateboard Damage

Close up of a solution to the ever growing concrete damage caused by skateboardsAfter Tom Ralston Concrete recently finished a handsome concrete wall for the Pacific Gardens Chapel in Santa Cruz, Calif., local skateboarders promptly began to destroy it while practicing their “railing” and jumping techniques. Tom Ralston got to work creating a unique and and attractive solution.

October 23, 2003
Alternative Finishes: Your Contractor to Contractor Training

Contractor to contractor training helps give real life experienceSome people are good at doing, while others are better at teaching others how. When you find you have a natural talent in both directions, it generally pays to run with it.

October 21, 2003
Jeff Patterson and Muller Construction Supply Mobile Training Trailer

Opened decorative concrete training trailerWell-stocked mobile training unit travels locally trailer educates contractors and customers

October 20, 2003
Decorative Concrete Tips: The Inside Scoop on Concrete Countertops

Kitchen concrete countertop creates a unique look around a stoveConcrete countertop tips and tricks shared with you from the experts.

October 13, 2003
Examples of Snowmelt Concrete Applications

Concrete helipad with a snowmelt system installedHere are a list of places where radiant heat and snowmelt systems can be most effective.

October 2, 2003
Concrete Stencils from Universal Templates

Universal Templates stencil was rolled onto this driveway and creates a uniform patternUniversal Templates manufactures plastic adhesive backed templates/stencils for the decorative concrete industry. The company has 15 different patterns, which can be purchased in 250 sq. ft. rolls (3 ft. wide x 84 ft. long) or in 500 sq. ft. rolls (3 ft. wide x 168 ft. long).

October 2, 2003
Flattooing: The Art of "Tattooing" Images to a Concrete Surface

Flattoo design available from Surface Gel TekSurface Gel Tek (SGT) has introduced a new process called Flattooing, the art of tattooing images into flat concrete surfaces. The Flattoo process uses Flattoos — vinyl adhesive designs — and Tek Gel for Stenciling Micro Etch.

October 3, 2003