Making New Concrete Blend with the Old

Sophisticated Finishes by Triangle CoatingsThere have always been ways to make new projects blend into their older surroundings, but Sophisticated Finishes by Triangle Coatings Inc. offers a truly aged look.

Sophisticated Finishes is a unique line of metallic surfacers and patina antiquing solutions. When used together on just about any substrate, the two products create the look and feel of solid metal that has been around for years. The surfacer can be used on an amazing variety of substrates, from concrete to candles, from grapefruit to garden gates. “The metallic surfacer is manufactured with a fairly unique resin system that adheres well to just about anything,” says Triangle president and CEO Ned Kisner.

In the Sophisticated Finishes family, there are 12 metallic paints that can be used to achieve the look of silver, iron, platinum, gold, bronze, and a variety of other metals. These paints can be used alone or with any of four antiquing solutions that give the substrate an aged look of rust, a green patina, a blue patina, or a black or blue tint. When the antiquing solution is applied to the metallic paint, the patina look is created by a reactive process that causes a metallic salt to form just the way it does naturally, except that the process occurs in a number of hours instead of a number of years. You can watch the patination occur right before your eyes.

The 12 metallic surfacers and four antiquing solutions can be combined to achieve a huge variety of appearances. Various protective sealers can be used, depending on the look you are trying to achieve. And cleanup is simple, as Sophisticated surfacers and solutions are water-based and clean up easily with soap and water.

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