Diamond Engraving Pin for Concrete that Fits a Dremel

Diamond Engraving Pin that fits into a Dremel for use on concrete.
This diamond engraving pin can fit into any Dremel rotary took and can be used to engrave concrete.

This diamond engraving pin for concrete engraving by Star Diamond Tools is a solid diamond segment ¼” in diameter by 1” long diamond router on an 1/8” shank. When used with a Dremel rotary tool it will score concrete, masonry and stone materials with ease. One can use it for many jobs including decorative concrete applications. Decorative concrete contractors and hobbyists can use it to carve intricate designs as well as extend score lines to the wall.

Its small pin head allows for the concrete engraving to be much more precise and accurate. This makes the designs that one can accomplish with this pin that much more detail-oriented. When used in conjunction with concrete stains and sealers, your project is sure to pop.

This pin highly versatile. It is great for both the professional and the do-it-yourselfer. Both can use this tool with great success and get the results they are looking for. That is because this pin fits a Dremel rotary tool.

For more information on how to purchase this product and other products to help with concrete engraving, contact Star Diamond at 800-282-6470 or online at stardiamondtools.com.

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