The Smart Chair to Hold Rebar in It’s Place Prior to Concrete Pour

Rebar holders for concrete placeing. Holds the rebar off the bottom of the form. smart chairsSmart Chairs were designed by contractors for contractors. Constructed with recycled high-strength polypropylene plastic, the chairs are designed to support steel, eliminate wire ties and stop steel displacement. They are easy to transport, handle and place, and can be used in many applications: all slabs, walls and footings.

The chairs have a large base for stability. They are available for concrete thickness from 31⁄2 to 12 inches and bar sizes from #3 to #6. Because they are lightweight, easy to transport and eliminate the need for time-consuming wire ties, they reduce labor costs and increase production. Two hundred and fifty traditional concrete dobies for a 6-inch slab weigh about 480 pounds, whereas an equivalent amount of chairs weighs just 16 pounds.

Example of how to hold rebar off the ground before pouring concrete. smart chairs“A lot of guys aren’t very proficient at tying wire,” says Lyle Langeliers, who invented the chairs. “You can take somebody who’s inexperienced at tying iron, give him these chairs and he can be very productive.”

Langeliers says he has used thousands of the chairs in his own concrete applications. “They snap in nice and easy, but hold the steel real well,” he says, noting that most slabs require 18 to 30 chairs per 100 square feet, depending on size and spacing of the steel.

For more information or to find a dealer in your area, call (541) 501-4939.

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