2020 Decorative Concrete LIVE!

2020 Decorative Concrete LIVE! at the World of Concrete in Las Vegas offers up a power-packed mix of the latest technologies in products, tools and equipment for concrete enthusiasts.

Concentrates on Crafting Colorful Cityscapes at the 2020 Decorative Concrete LIVE!

The 2020 Decorative Concrete LIVE! will continue to showcase innovative construction applications for both residential and commercial contractors at the World of Concrete in Las Vegas, Feb. 4-7. In 2019, more than 5,000 attendees interacted with artisans, product experts and also designers to learn the most current trends in decorative concrete construction.

Decorative Concrete LIVE!’s 2020 theme is Crafting Cityscapes. Attendees will learn designs, techniques and materials with which to transform outdoor urban spaces into colorful, vibrant contributions to communities.

“Urban planners are combing colorful surfaces and textures with innovative shapes and structures to bring new life to their communities. These innovative elements include planters, pedestrian crossings, vertical spaces, water features and walking surfaces. Decorative Concrete LIVE! will demonstrate how designers and contractors can incorporate surface treatments, exterior claddings and texturing techniques to achieve an architect’s vision of a cityscape,” says Bent Mikkelsen, organizer of Decorative Concrete LIVE! and publisher of Concrete Decor magazine.

Decorative Concrete Live LogoMikkelsen’s team is conferring with several design experts on the final layout.

Several applications under discussion include:
  • Using insulated concrete forms to build vertical substrates for both economical and durable, innovative surface treatments.
  • Constructing urban water features.
  • Placing textured walking surfaces that comply with current ADA requirements.
  • Selecting exterior coatings that bring color to standard concrete.
  • Forming curved surfaces with new technologies such as fabrics.
  • Building concrete structures such as benches, tables and also play areas.

“Decorative Concrete LIVE! allows the concrete community to come together to demonstrate the material’s versatility when combined with the artisan’s skill. We are will also be showing concrete’s role in building resilient and sustainable communities,” says Mikkelsen.


List of 2020 Decorative Concrete Live Sponsors

Special thanks to Universal Foam & Decorative Concrete Supply for your ongoing support of Decorative Concrete LIVE!

This year’s talented artisans at 2020 Decorative Concrete LIVE! include:

Chris Becker (Florida) & Brandon Davidsavor (Wisconsin)

Concrete brings the most compelling solution to a world in search of both sustainable and healthy construction options. The outdoor patio, a place where neither shoes nor shirts are required, uses concrete to engage family and friends in conversation that often extends well into the evening.

Jake & Susanne Brady (Florida)

Using GFRC methods, Jake and Susanne will create the ultimate concrete sculpture for a city center. The fountain helps both locals and tourists to remember that even in a concrete jungle, elements of design combined with our world’s most precious resource, water, can gently slow the pace of life and create a sense of calm.

Dominick Cardone (New York)

Insulated concrete forms have a new best friend — decorative concrete! Watch as Dominick shows how decorative concrete systems answer the call for in-vogue new cladding on ICF-formed walls. It’s the perfect finish for low-rise applications on high-end residential and retail spaces.

Rebecca & Gaetano Fuscardo (West Virginia)

Using stencils on a stucco wall, Rebecca and Gaetano will show audiences new ways to turn a patio, a retail space or an existing wall into an inspiration for downtown neighborhoods. And best of all, you don’t need to be an artist to deliver this type of decorative concrete application. It can be used on virtually any type of residential or commercial space, either indoors or out.

Emil Gera (Pennsylvania)

In addition to beautifying the patio and surrounding area with his innate knack for color and carving, Emil will wield engraving tools to etch borders around the city center water fountain.

Randall Klassen (Manitoba)

Working behind the scenes preparing the concrete structures that’ll be transformed before the eyes of the WOC crowd, Randy will be here, there and everywhere during the show, pitching in where needed. He’ll be particularly active building a trellis for the patio and forming the huge wall for the parking garage.

Rick Lobdell (Tennessee)

Both etching and coloring a scene inside the Concrete Decor Store that looks straight out of a Minecraft game, Rick is best known for his use of 2-dimensional blocks to visually create a 3-dimensional space. Once he’s completed putting his spin on the store’s concrete walls and floor, audiences will have an eye-popping backdrop for a memorable selfie at WOC 2020.

Cindee Lundin (Arizona)

Using faux bois techniques handed down from one generation to another, master artisan Cindee Lundin will breathe life into an ominous mass of concrete that supports a downtown parking garage or retaining wall. In the past, this massive space has been overlooked as the picturesque canvas it could become. Here a quiet and colorful retreat emerges, thus creating an avenue for imaginations to run wild.

Tracy, Krissy & Danielle Musetti (California)

Watch as the three Cement Sisters use a combination of vertical carving techniques to express powerful ways contractors can up their game in a market that focuses on how concrete can integrate spaces where children are raised and families also gather to share meals.

Marty O’Mara (Nebraska)

The word maintenance may cause some contractors to run and hide, but Marty will show visitors to Decorative Concrete LIVE! that maintaining concrete can be a breeze. And when ready-mix throws you a glaring color problem, there are products that can save the day.

Joshua Russell (Michigan)

With foam blocks and a hot wire cutter, Joshua will build the foundation for some amazing rocks that will crop up in this year’s Cityscape. A stream of polished concrete will also emerge from a narrow gap in the rocks, just wide enough to fit through, as it flows out into the open space beyond. Enjoy with wonder as he masterfully crafts shadow lines to create illusions of deep crevasses in concrete boulders that look like the ultimate rendition of the real thing.

Matthew Sampson (Florida) & Gregg Hensley (Louisiana)

Whether it’s in Chicago, New York, San Francisco or South Beach, the neighborhood pizza parlor sets the scene for mid-week get-togethers. Complete with a concrete pizza oven, cold beer and also hand-carved flagstone, it’s where picnic tables exceed unpublished weight restrictions on how many families and friends they can seat.

Jeremy Wilkerson (Virginia)

While polished concrete delivers an extremely durable, low-maintenance flooring solution, no one said it also needed to stay gray. Watch Jeremy reveal both seeded aggregates and colored glass as he grinds freshly placed concrete. If finding this hidden treasure beneath the surface isn’t cool enough, then adding colors to create the look of a deep-blue pool of mountain spring water emerging from a narrow canyon is the ultimate rush!

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An view of work being done at the 2020 Decorative Concrete Live.

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