Versatile’s New Polyurea Primer

Versatile launched its new 5055 Polyurea Primer, a fast-drying, two-component primer designed to have great adhesion to concrete and provide a good basecoat to broadcast decorative flakes. Known for their expertise in epoxy “wicking” technology, Versatile developed this polyurea primer with the goal of having better adhesion to concrete than […]

StoneCoat’s Revolutionary Fusion System Offers Superior Protection and Performance

StoneCoat’s revolutionary Fusion system provides superior protection and performance and a beautiful, stylish finish in a sustainable, structural insulated sheathing panel. Fusion’s patent-pending design is a single panel that replaces four layers of materials used in traditional exterior wall systems — exterior insulation, OSB sheathing, waterproof & vapor barriers, and […]

High Performance Curing Compound That Doesn’t Break the Bank

Hycrete Endure Cure is a multi-purpose concrete curing and finishing aid for flatwork, providing immediate and long-term benefits. Hycrete Endure Cure is a specially formulated water-based product providing efficient moisture retention on freshly placed concrete. Advanced Pore-Blocking Chemistry Hycrete Endure Cure, advanced hydrophobic and pore-blocking chemistry, helps produce a denser concrete […]

Citizens Reservoir Gets Penetron Treatment to Help Secure Water Supply for Indianapolis

The $30 million Citizens Reservoir, completed in January 2021, serves the critical purpose of securing a sufficient drinking water supply for the rapidly growing Indianapolis metropolitan area in Indiana. To ensure that the new drinking water treatment plant of the project is durable and resistant to water, Penetron Admix SB […]

Laticrete Makes A Big Splash With Entry Into Profiles & Trims Category

Laticrete, a leading manufacturer of globally proven construction solutions for the building industry, is adding profiles and trim to its growing roster of tile, stone and flooring installation products, making it the industry’s first manufacturer to provide a complete tile installation system including trim options. The comprehensive offering will be […]

ACI New Position Statements

ACI Releases 2023 ACI Collection of Concrete Codes, Specifications, and Practices

The American Concrete Institute has released the 2023 ACI Collection of Concrete Codes, Specifications, and Practices. The ACI Collection is the most comprehensive and largest single source of information on concrete design, construction, materials, and repair, with over 50 codes and specifications and more than 200 practices – including all […]