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Allen Engineering Responds to COVID-19 With Calm, Decisive Operational Leadership

Allen Engineering Responds to COVID-19 With Calm, Decisive Operational Leadership

As a business leader, Jay Allen of Allen Engineering recognizes the importance of putting together well-conceived plans, projections and forecasts to position his company for sustained success over the long term. But every once in a while, a situation comes along where the best course of action calls for keeping […]

Fabricated shield by countertop artisans

Artisan Group Members Manufacture Intubation Boxes to Help Fight COVID-19

The Artisan Group, an elite network of countertop fabrication professionals, announced its members are now manufacturing intubation boxes and shields to protect ER medical professionals from COVID-19 when they intubate a patient. Members are providing these shields to hospitals at no cost. Thus far, they have provided 12 intubation shields  […]

Social Distancing Lunchroom

ClearSpan Now Offering Custom Social Distancing Solutions for the Workplace

ClearSpan is helping businesses across the country reopen by offering custom social distancing building and workspace solutions. As the country loosens its pandemic restrictions, businesses now have more requirements that they have to meet in order to reopen. ClearSpan has expanded their line to include auxiliary buildings to increase workspace, […]

Best Practices for Virus Spread to Protect Workers and Public

The construction industry is taking essential safety measures to protect both workers and the public from the spread of the coronavirus. Operating under the designation as an essential business as modified today by Gov. Andrew Cuomo, crews are pressing forward with infrastructure renewal and also environmental protection projects in the […]