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VandlGuard IsoFree Protects
Restored AIDS Mural in LA

The Blue Moon Trilogy mural — painted in 1988 to honor those who battle and have battled AIDS — is clean, bright and more durable than ever. Credit in large goes to Scott Haskins, president of Fine Art Conservation Laboratories in Santa Barbara, California, and a varnish called VandlGuard IsoFree. […]

defacer eraser

Prosoco Launches More Powerful Graffiti Remover

Defacer Eraser, a new graffiti-removing product from Prosoco, offers a more powerful punch than its predecessor. Defacer Eraser Graffiti Remover is replacing the now-discontinued Graffiti Wipe. It is a liquid formula that more effectively eliminates graffiti with a shorter dwell time. Defacer Eraser Graffiti Remover makes the job faster. This […]

Preventative Concrete Coatings Contractors Can Use to Avoid Graffiti

You can’t guarantee that taggers won’t mar your work, but there are protective coatings for graffiti removal you can use to make cleanup easier. A concrete contractor uses stains, washes, paint and textures to give a unique, personal touch to a bare concrete wall. A tagger uses graffiti to do […]