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Modern Mosaic Artwork Livens San Diego’s Landscape

About 15 years ago while Robin Brailsford was installing public art mosaics at the Ed Pastor Transit Mall in Phoenix, her body screamed there had to be a better way to create vast mosaics in the ground. Her brain listened. “It was back-breaking work,” says the owner of Brailsford Public […]

LithoMosaic: The Art and Science of Decorative Concrete

Robin Brailsford’s online resume lists her as “Artist, Inventor, Aesthetic Engineer.” The word “concrete” doesn’t makes its first appearance until the third page, but nonetheless, Brailsford has made a huge contribution to the art and science of decorative concrete through her patented invention, LithoMosaic.

A Colorful Transformation of a Transit Stop Using LithoMosaic Designs

“The imagery was kind of inspired by the playfulness of the site,” Lucking says. “It’s like psychedelic cactuses, which is what Fourth Avenue is like.” They decided Lucking would execute the design in a mosaic on the pavement, and Goldlust would render it as cutouts in the station’s steel benches and partitions.

World’s Largest Decorative Concrete Outfit Wows Customers

When a landscape architecture firm drafted a plan to create playground trails and basketball courts for a Park California, it turned to one of the largest decorative concrete companies in the country, T.B. Penick & Sons Inc. of San Diego, to bring a wide range of cutting-edge decorative concrete systems to the project.