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Giatec Unveils New SmartRock Long-Range Connectivity Capabilities

Giatec, world leader in concrete testing technologies, announced at World of Concrete 2022, that their award-winning flagship product, SmartRock, and SmartHub now have long-range connectivity capabilities. This allows users to collect critical concrete data from a signal range increased by over 16-fold. The addition of long-range wireless connectivity means SmartRock, […]

WearCOAT 440FS Epoxy Floor Coating Formulated for Superior Resistance to Amine Blush

To help avoid amine blush, Coatings for Industry, Inc. (CFI) now offers WearCOAT 440FS, a fast-setting epoxy floor coating in a blush-resistant formula. A common issue with cool-temperature floor coating jobs, amine blush is an oily surface imperfection caused by moisture or dew settling on uncured epoxy. While not fatal […]

SmartHub Remote Monitoring Device

SmartHub Remote Monitoring Device by Giatec

Giatec is a world leader in concrete testing technologies. Recently, the company announced the release of the newest generation of their SmartHub remote monitoring device. SmartHub works in conjunction with Giatec’s award-winning SmartRock wireless sensors for accurate concrete temperature, temperature differential, and strength monitoring. With the SmartHub, you can collect […]

Instant Moisture Measurement Ensures Quality and Speed of Project

In the construction industry, the quality of cast-in-place concrete foundations, superstructure, slabs, stairs, and architectural features, along with the speed of project completion, can largely depend on getting moisture measurement right – and the same is true with the masonry mortar used to build brick, block, or stone walls. Water […]

How Does Moisture Move Through Concrete?

Understanding moisture movement through concrete is critical to successful flooring. It helps you reduce the risk for future moisture-related flooring failure during installation. It also helps you identify and assess the cause of moisture-related issues that have already occurred. Dynamics of moisture movement Despite its outward appearance, concrete isn’t solid. […]

Tramex Meter CME5

Tramex Meters Introduces the Concrete Moisture Encounter CME5

Tramex Meters are delighted and proud to bring to you the Concrete Moisture Encounter CME5. Designed and built in Ireland, for decades the Concrete Moisture Encounter has been the world’s best non-invasive moisture meter for moisture content measurement in concrete. Now Tramex Meters have taken the Concrete Moisture Encounter capabilities […]

Australian Carpet and Tile Standard Now Incorporates In Situ Relative Humidity Test

Wagner Meters announces the update to AS 2455.1 (Textile floor coverings – Installation practice – General. This update allows the use of the in-situ relative humidity (RH) probes to test the moisture condition of concrete subfloors below the surface. The nationwide Australian standard received approval on April 15, 2019, by […]