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2021 cement consumption forecast

PCA Releases Winter 2021 U.S. Regional Cement Consumption Forecast

The Portland Cement Association (PCA) Market Intelligence Group released their cement consumption forecast for winter 2021. Additionally, they included their real put-in-place construction spending forecasts for the Northeast, Central, West, and Southeast United States. Northeast The Northeast has been hit hard by COVID-19, leading to cement consumption declining by a […]

business trends for 2020

AOE Announces 2020 Business Operating Trends in Survey

Advancing Organizational Excellence (AOE) is a full-service consulting firm. The firm has unique expertise serving professional service and technical industries. AOE has announced the results of its 2020 business operating trends survey. The goal of the survey was to identify how the COVID-19 pandemic altered business operations. The survey also […]

Large Designs are a Top Trend in Decorative Concrete

The first time I delivered “Trends in Decorative Concrete” was at the Concrete Decor Show in Fort Worth, Texas, in February 2014. It was initially created to present a quick snapshot of what was trending in our industry, targeting primarily the design community. At the time, I never anticipated the presentation would grow into the program it is today.

Decorative Concrete Trends in Colorado and Beyond

Some of the concrete design trends in Colorado differ from those in other parts of the country. In Colorado, we see a strong push for higher quality in even the most standard concrete. Even though we specialize in decorative concrete, some of our larger contracts this year include a good portion of standard uncolored broom-finished concrete.