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Decorative Concrete Systems New Auto Scrubber

Decorative concrete auto scrubber runs on propane and has a catalytic converter for clean emmissionsDecorative Concrete Systems has introduced the Auto Scrubber, a self-contained cleaning machine designed to clean concrete floors after profiling and before coating or sealing.

The Auto Scrubber driven by a 5-hp Kawasaki motor, runs on propane and has a catalytic converter for clean emissions. Capable of speeds from 250 to 500 rpm, the machine can scrub or buff. It holds cleaning solution in a 7-gal tank, disperses it onto the floor, and vacuums it up in the same pass. The machine can be used to clean concrete floors in preparation for stain, remove residue from the acid stain application before sealing, and clean in preparation for any type of coatings. It can also be used for scrubbing in sodium silicate hardeners.

For more information, call (800-938-4148) or visit the Decorative Concrete Systems Web site.

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