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Wine Caves Built with Bridge System

In the heart of northern Michigan wine country near Traverse City, Mari Vineyards opened for business in May 2016.In the heart of northern Michigan wine country near Traverse City, Mari Vineyards opened for business in May 2016. The 31,000-square-foot facility was equipped with the usual amenities of a first-rate winery as well as an extensive underground barrel-aging area that has the qualities of a cave.

Stacey Enesey Klemenc
Oct 16, 2018
How to Use Sponges to Color Concrete

Applying an overlay to concrete with a rollerI’m not a fan of overlays unless they’re necessary, I continually compete against knockdown finish companies that prefer them. Most of my competition uses overlays on pool decks and patios no matter what. This gives me a unique spin to compete against them.

Rick Lobdell
Oct 16, 2018
Former Preschool Teacher Now Masters the Trowel

Carved concrete by Cindee LundinAbout 25 years ago, Cindee Lundin took a leave of absence from her job as a preschool teacher and enrolled at St. Cloud State University in Minnesota to work on her bachelor’s degree in early childhood education. She already had two associate degrees — one in art and the other in child development — but state laws were changing back then and she needed a more advanced degree to continue to teach in public schools.

Vanessa Salvia and Stacey Enesey Klemenc
Oct 16, 2018
Hot-Temperature Effects on Sealing Concrete

Hot weather and sun blazingHeat is the universal catalyst. Apply heat and things tend to happen faster. Consider what happened the last time you accidentally grabbed a hot plate. I am sure your speed increased dramatically as you looked for a place to put the plate down. The same thing happens with sealers at the molecular level when the temperatures go up.

Chris Sullivan
Aug 8, 2009
The Complete Decorative Concrete Contractor

The colors were stains and tinted sealers from Increte, and metal inlay was used on the perimeter.Five veteran contractors and artisans provide insight by explaining where their decorative concrete journeys began, how their skill sets grew and how diversification has affected their careers.

Natasha Chilingerian
Feb 11, 2011
ASCE Concrete Canoe Race

College students built and raced a concrete canoe as part of an annual event between different civil engineering students.Twenty-two student teams from colleges and universities across North America recently traveled to Washington, D.C., to compete in the 17th annual National Concrete Canoe Competition, organized by the American Society of Civil Engineers and largely sponsored by Degussa Admixtures Inc./Master Builders.

Aug 11, 2004
Health with Safety Precautions While Working with Dry Portland Cement

Protect yourself when working with concrete related products such as color hardener, concrete sealers, concrete pigments, silica dust.Masks, gloves and goggles protect your body from the damaging effects of concrete dust and chemicals used in beautifying concrete.

Bruce Hackett
Dec 19, 2003
New Tulip Trestle Observation Deck Solidly Extends the View

Tracks that lead to the large deck.In the hills of Southern Indiana lies a massive steel and concrete structure steeped in history. The Viaduct — also known locally as the Tulip Trestle, the Richland Creek Viaduct, the Green County Viaduct and officially, Bridge X75-6, according to Bloomingpedia — was once the largest railroad trestle in the United States.

Steve Vandewater
Aug 25, 2015
Sprayable Overlay Compound is Part of Stainable Concrete Veneer System

Bella Vernici's sprayable overlay compound is a crown jewel of the company's stainable concrete veneer.Bella Vernici's sprayable overlay compound is the crown jewel of the company's stainable concrete veneer system.

Dec 30, 2005
Debunking Common Decorative Concrete Myths

Concrete overlay that has flaked off due to improper surface preparation. “Just apply a decorative overlay and it will hide everything.” Or, “Use acid to strip that sealer.” These are just a couple of the myths or just plain wrong recommendations concrete contractors may have come across recently.

Chris Sullivan
Mar 1, 2015
How to Choose an Overlay From the Four Different Types

Stampable Overlay from Butterfield Color There are four different overlay systems used in creating decorative concrete floors: microtoppings, stampable overlays, multipurpose overlays and self-leveling overlays. All have different characters and makeups with which to achieve decorative looks.

David Blasdel
Dec 31, 2011
Concrete Topping Adds Appeal to Highway Corridor

The U.S. Highway 80 Corridor in southwest Jackson, Miss. The U.S. Highway 80 Corridor in southwest Jackson, Miss., is one of those aging main drags that could use some aesthetic improvements. To the relief of many locals, much-needed changes are being made.

David Searls
Nov 29, 2011
Comparing Thick-Build Concrete Sealers to Thin-Build Concrete Sealers

Applying a decorative concrete sealerThe market for concrete sealers is vast and it seems that there is almost every imaginable way to protect and enhance concrete floors. For the purpose of this article we are going to discuss two options that involve a clear sealer.

Nick Dancer
Jul 12, 2018
Atomic Placement of Elements Makes for Strong Concrete

atomic placement of elements in concreteThe reason concrete is so strong is elemental. According to researchers at Rice University, studying friction on materials such as concrete has provided the answer.

Jan 12, 2015
Distinctively Styled Concrete Countertops

Artistic concrete countertop - Pennsylvania artist Robert Stadnycki has excelled in a number of media: textiles, painting, furniture. Last year, he tried decorative concrete for the first time, collaborating with SunWorks, Etc. LLC to craft three countertops in his distinctive style for a kitchen in Ellicott City, Md. Pennsylvania artist Robert Stadnycki has excelled in a number of media: textiles, painting, furniture. Last year, he tried decorative concrete for the first time, collaborating with SunWorks, Etc. LLC to craft three countertops in his distinctive style for a kitchen. 

John Strieder
Feb 5, 2014
A Tool to Help Visualize Decorative Concrete by Depiction Software

Deco-con wizard screen shot.Potential clients often struggle with visualizing what decorative concrete will look like at their home or business. The new Deco-Con Wizard from Depiction Software can help remove the mystery by quickly and easily showing them what selected decorative concrete patterns will look like on their property.

Dec 31, 2011
The 2014 Decorative Concrete Award Winners Presented by ASCC

shiny blue polished concrete floorThe Decorative Concrete Council, a specialty council of the American Society of Concrete Contractors, has announced the winners of its sixth annual Decorative Concrete Awards competition.

Feb 2, 2014
How Concrete Hardness Affects Diamond Life

Diamonds, part of an abrasive used to cut through the hardness of concreteHow long is a set of diamonds supposed to last? Or more to the point, what kind of square footage can I expect out of a set of diamonds?

Jennifer A. Faller
Sep 4, 2012