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Concrete Entrepreneur Founds Three Businesses

woodplank concrete overlay floorsA decade after he entered the concrete industry as an installer, Keefe Duhon is owner/president of three separate and successful companies based in New Iberia, Louisiana.

Chris Mayo
Jan 16, 2019
The Art, Science and Strategy of Concrete Color Restoration

Lap pool that has a restored concrete pool deck.Stained, integrally colored or other decorative concrete treatments will eventually need a freshening up if not a total do-over.

Joe Maty
Jan 18, 2019
Well-placed Joints in Concrete Help Channel Cracking

When it comes to concrete -- as with so many other things in life -- people tend to judge a book by its cover.When it comes to concrete — as with so many other things in life — people tend to judge a book by its cover. There’s nothing like a giant crack or a crumbling corner in a recent concrete placement to make an unhappy customer.

K. Schipper
Jan 20, 2019
Polished Floor Maintenance Made Easy with a Three-Stage Plan

Polished Floor Maintenance Made Easy with a Three-Stage PlanWithin the concrete industry there is a common misconception that polished concrete means no maintenance, when in reality keeping up a polished floor simply requires low maintenance.

Heidi Hudnall and Dan Knuth
Jan 12, 2014
Decorative Concrete Hall of Fame: The 2011 Inductees

Decorative Concrete Hall of Fame 2011 InducteesThe Decorative Concrete Hall of Fame was established to honor individuals and companies who have gone beyond the call of duty to help promote decorative concrete as a thriving business and a constantly evolving art form. These individuals’ achievements and their commitment to excellence and innovation have helped the decorative concrete industry grow.

Stacey Enesey Klemenc
Apr 9, 2011
How to Keep Punch Lists from Pulverizing Your Profits

The final checklist graphicA “punch list” is the final review of a project. It is usually completed by the project architect and is most often completed after the project has reached a milestone called “substantial completion.” And for a decorative concrete contractor, the punch list is probably the single largest money-losing piece of a project.

David Stephenson
Dec 19, 2012
Three Ways to Drum Up New Concrete Work

Gain more jobs by marketing to the local crown.Eight times per year I look at this magazine from cover to cover, amazed at how our industry has been hijacked by true artists. This level of skill, along with a few creative marketing ideas, should keep fresh money coming into your bank account.

Doug Carlton
Sep 1, 2011
Tried and True Recipes for Concrete Homes

Cast in place concrete is used to build this concrete buildingJust like there’s more than one way to make chocolate chip cookies, there are plenty of ways to build concrete homes with satisfying results. Here’s a synopsis of the main options on the market.

Jun 28, 2004
What To Do When A Customer Is Unhappy With the Result

Pink piggy bank with coins around it.You will get complaint calls regarding your contracting, and this day needs to be planned for. Your customer may have a legitimate complaint or may need some educating. Nevertheless, not responding to the complaint will only aggravate the situation.

Doug Carlton
Nov 11, 2009
An Overview of Concrete Dyes and Their Benefits

There is one exception to the rule that dyes don't reactive dyesAs complements to stains, as colorants on polished concrete jobs or on their own, dyes are earning a more permanent place in the decorative concrete artisan’s tool kit.

Chris Mayo
Feb 8, 2010
Give Your Home a Concrete Countertop Face Lift

Concrete countretop with reds and oranges and a ribbon of aggregate.With the economy in doldrums, it is commonly accepted that homeowners are looking to stay in their homes longer rather than sell. Therefore, the renovations they are undertaking are seen as representing their tastes rather than what they hope a buyer may like.

Robert S. Johnson
Aug 8, 2008
Concrete Artists Get a Chance to Create Their Decorative Concrete Dream Project

A 3-D painted concrete fish pond in a restaurant lounge makes and elegant appearance.

In the decorative concrete world, that can’t happen as easily. You get one shot at doing everything right. The interior and exterior must match, have the right scale and the right detail. While the daily work gets done, a part of you dreams to find that one client who changes your portfolio forever.

Rick Lobdell
May 15, 2014
The Value of Color is Important to Concrete Design

The Value of Color is Important to Concrete DesignSo far, I’ve written a lot about math and my love for it as it is truly my favorite part of my decorative concrete work process. Recently, however, I’ve been getting requests to turn my attention to color, which I think would be a nice change of pace. Let me warn you in advance: If you thought talking math with me was complex, wait until you hear my take on color theory. I can go on for days.

Rick Lobdell
Jan 1, 2018
Making Molds for Precast Concrete Countertops

While melamine is probably the most widely used material for making molds, contractors actually use a surprising variety of materials. Here are some questions to ask when choosing a material.Wood? Melamine? Formica? Steel? Experienced artisans share their preferences for form materials.

Amy Johnson
Aug 24, 2005
ACI Names Winners of Annual Concrete Construction Awards

ACI names winners of annual concrete construction awardsThe winners of the American Concrete Institute’s 2017 Excellence in Concrete Construction Awards were lauded during ACI’s convention in October in Anaheim, California.

Feb 12, 2018
Kansas City Concrete Trade Group Awards Best Work of 2012

 The awards recognize outstanding work in concrete construction in the greater Kansas City area, comprised of parts of Missouri and Kansas.The Concrete Promotional Group of Greater Kansas City has announced its annual Excellence in Concrete Awards. The awards recognize outstanding work in concrete construction in the greater Kansas City area, comprised of parts of Missouri and Kansas.

Jan 6, 2013
New Concrete Jewelry Line Features Diamonds in the Dust

Concrete and metal bracelets.Inspired from architecture and sculptures, Karen Konzuk has a modern-day approach to her designs. Though initially her main focus was sculpture, Konzuk accidentally took a jewelry course at Nova Scotia College of Art and Design and loved it.

Jacqueline Valle
Jun 23, 2016
Engraved Zodiac a Perfect Fit for Asian Restaurant in British Columbia

Engraved Zodiac calendar on a concrete floor that is stained and colored to depict the different signs.For those of us who remember how trendy the whole zodiac thing was in the 1970s, it’s fun to see it pop up now and again. Here’s an example, a stained and engraved zodiac pattern on concrete in a Chinese-style restaurant called Temptasian in Vernon, British Columbia.

Nov 25, 2012