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What is the Best System for Polished Concrete Maintenance?

Conducting tests on the polished concrete.On a regular basis, many of us are asked: “What is the best way to maintain polished concrete?” Is there one method proven to be superior?

In this article, we’ll explore some field testing reviews and compare traditional DIPs (diamond-impregnated pads) to a newer floor maintenance system involving composite resin abrasives (CRAs).

Greg Cabot
Aug 22, 2018
Product Warranties Can Be a Boost for Business

This key is pointing to an imperfection in the concrete that voids its warranty per the manufacturer.Peace of mind seems to be a rare commodity these days. So, if you could become involved in a program that helps offer that to you and your clients— and possibly helps grow your business, as well— wouldn’t you leap at the opportunity?

K. Schipper
Aug 17, 2018
Designing a Basic Tile Pattern on Concrete

Rick Lobdell puts design into the concrete overlay.Now that summer is here I’m in full design mode on multiple projects that mostly involve basic tile patterns. Since I’m back in major math mode, I thought I’d share a challenging design project I did a couple of years ago for a client in Chattanooga, Tennessee.

Rick Lobdell
Aug 20, 2018
Goodstuff Products Multi Surface Urethane

Multi Surface Urethane #275, from The Goodstuff Products, is a water-based, low-odor, low-VOC, clear urethane finish.Multi Surface Urethane #275, from The Goodstuff Products, is a water-based, low-odor, low-VOC, clear urethane finish. Easy to apply and fast-drying, this high-quality finish works well on concrete countertops, floors, ceramic tile, vertical surfaces and other interior and exterior surfaces, including wood and some natural stone.

Jun 29, 2004
Fixing Another Contractor's Mistake

Dog foot prints in drying concrete. Photo courtesy of Rick SmithFixing Another Contractor's Mistake Whether it's your own work or someone else's, you may be called upon to fix a decorative concrete project gone awry. Trowel & Error is a new column that celebrates the fact that there's always a solution to every decorative concrete problem.

Richard Smith
Aug 14, 2006
Scoring and Staining Concrete for Geometric Designs

How staining concrete can look like geometric tile.The idea that you can take three connected “squares,” change the color for all three and make them appear to be two walls and a floor is pretty cool.

Rick Lobdell Everything You Wanted to Know About Concrete, But Didn't Know Who To Ask

concrete network websiteBack in 1999 when Jim Peterson was attending his umpteenth World of Concrete showcase, he was intrigued with the array of new concrete-related products that he saw in Las Vegas. Yet he was even more amazed that there wasn’t a central clearinghouse that building industry types could tap into to learn more about these new products and techniques once the show was over.

Stacey Enesey Klemenc
Jan 3, 2002
A Variety of Tools and Techniques Adds Texture to Concrete Slabs

Texture roller skims the surface of a stenciled concrete slab giving a textured look.In this world, there are two types of concrete: concrete that’s flat, gray and utilitarian, and concrete that’s been shaped, colored and/or textured — and is considered art.

K. Schipper
Apr 11, 2017
Second Career Proves Fruitful for This Concrete Artisan

A blue and orange stained concrete floor that has been transformed by this concrete artisan.Don Pinger's second career began with a little dabbling in utilitarian concrete. That was seven years ago, when he was still working long hours in the restaurant he owned. He'd been reading about what people were doing with decorative concrete, and that intrigued him as well.

David Searls
Apr 9, 2010
Quick Release Block Forms for Creating Concrete Landscape Blocks

Creating large landscape blocks has never been easier, create V-Interlock, Landscape, Mid-size landscape and knob style blocks is easier with the quick release tool.Quick Release Block Forms for creating large landscape concrete blocks are available in a variety of sizes. Liners can create various rock and stone patterns and last for a minimum of 100+ uses under normal conditions

Oct 8, 2001
Art Collector Begins Stenciling Concrete Counters and Tables

Fabien MenĂ©, a French native and art collector, never thought he'd find himself working in decorative concrete.Fabien Mené, a French native and art collector, never thought he’d find himself working in decorative concrete. It all started after studying art at the Charles de Gaulle University— Lille III. The idea of creating stenciled tables came to him after making bar counters in a class and wondering if he could add a stencil to the bottom of a casing.

Jacqueline Valle
Dec 9, 2016
Salting your Concrete Slab 

Hand rollers for concrete to make the appearance of a rock salt finish.To get the look, Ralston scattered rock salt here and there on the fresh pour, along with drops of retardant. After washing away the salt and retardant the next day and attacking the concrete with an acid-water solution and a wire brush, his team had the aged, corroded effect they wanted.

Amy Johnson
Oct 8, 2010
Decorative Resurfacing of Cracked Concrete Balconies

Fixing cracks in concrete decks by using semi-rigid epoxy that allows slight movement.More often than not, decorative resurfacing begins with some type of repair, whether it be patching of small holes before a chemical stain, thin repair of spalled concrete, crack repair, or a full depth structural repair. This article will discuss a project requiring both repair and prevention of recurring cracks on post-tensioned concrete decks.

Dan Cook
Apr 1, 2002
Not Just Another Skate in the Park

Not Just Another Skate in the ParkWhen members of the Sioux City Skateboard Association lost their good friend Andrew Langin to brain cancer in January 2017, they wanted to do something to honor him. The 40-year-old single father of 13-year-old Sophie was an avid skateboarder, a “bad-ass drummer” and an amazing metal sculptor who had touched so many people’s lives in a good way.

Stacey Enesey Klemenc
Jan 5, 2018
Decorative Concrete in the Forest: The Concrete Treehouse

The view from inside the concrete treehouse.No, it’s not built into the fork of a tree. It’s the grown-up version, with a breathtaking mountain view and lots of decorative concrete.

David Searls
Feb 13, 2008
Maximizing the Benefits of White Portland Cement

Three piles of Portland White Cement on a blue background.Portland Cement Association, white portland cement has essentially the same properties as gray cement, except for when it comes to color.

Stacey Enesey Klemenc
Aug 11, 2008
How this Company Fixed a Paste Cap Separating from Concrete

polished concrete floor with craze crackingIt was not your best-case scenario. A new Army/Air Force main exchange, an indoor mall with multiple vendors and a food court, was slated to open at Fort George G. Meade in Anne Arundel County, Maryland, in six weeks. The floor had been ground and polished, the racks staged and the food vendors’ equipment installed.

Stacey Enesey Klemenc
Dec 1, 2015
Detroit-area Metropolitan Concrete Opens Decorative Concrete Showroom

Detroit-area Metropolitan Concrete Opens Decorative Concrete ShowroomMetropolitan Concrete, in the Detroit suburb of Sterling Heights, Michigan, recently completed their new decorative showroom. Leonard Bugli, president of Metropolitan Concrete, says that the new facility will showcase the many techniques that can be achieved with polyaspartics, metalic epoxies, dyes and stains.

Jun 12, 2014