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Got Concrete Slurry?

Upgrade to Lavina propane and electric concrete grinders If you're doing anything with polishing, drilling or sawing concrete these days, you're likely already using water in your processes. Those hedging on not using wet processes are staring straight at a mandate from OSHA that requires contractors to reduce the permissible exposure limit (PEL) for respirable crystalline silica.

Mechanical engineer chooses concrete over current job

Joshua Thiel, Thiel Studios, Palm Beach, FloridaFor as long as he can remember, Joshua Thiel has had a passion for creating and building while also finding innovative solutions to problems. After going to school for mechanical engineering and spending years fabricating and learning how to work with different materials, it seemed like a natural fit to dive into concrete.

Jacqueline Valle
Oct 10, 2017
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Training and Education is Good for One and All

Training and education is good for entire concrete industryI saw a meme recently that goes something like this:

CFO asks CEO: What happens if we invest in training and developing our people and then they leave us?

CEO: What happens if we don’t and they stay?

Greg Iannone
Oct 10, 2017
Joint fillers and sealants are prevalent on commercial concrete floors

FLOORING IT: Fillers and sealants are fast friends for commercial jobsNeed some perspective from the field on fillers and sealants? The people who are most likely to spend time with them are those who work on floors, with a heavy emphasis on the commercial and industrial markets.

K. Schipper
Oct 20, 2017
Recipe: Beach Glass Countertop

Beach glass embedded concrete countertop blues and green glass.Custom countertop design evokes the look of a lakeshore with integral color and acid stains, plus the homeowners' collection of beach glass used as a creative custom aggregate.

Richard Holschuh
Oct 14, 2010
Why Hundreds of Unique Precast Concrete Panels Transformed this Museum

Precast Concrete Panels Transform Louisana State MuseumAs graceful as an acrobatic touchdown catch by Danny Abramowicz. As stunning as a Mel Blount goal-line interception. More sweeping than a Vida Blue curveball.

Joe Maty
Oct 2, 2014
How to Stamp Concrete into Walls and Corners

Texturing concrete or stamping concrete in a corner or wall taught here with a concrete texture skin on red concrete.Special mats and tools can be used to imprint the pattern or texture in these tight areas. Flexible (or floppy) mats typically have about half the weight of a regular mat and thus can be bent to get closer to the wall or corner.

Dec 2, 2003
Quality Control Procedures That Will Increase Your Countertop Profits

Quality control for decorative concrete countertops

Lane Mangum
A Formed Concrete Circle made for Wedding Ceremonies

Seeing a finished construction project put to good use is something any contractor welcomes.Seeing a finished construction project put to good use is something any contractor welcomes.

Natasha Chilingerian
Dec 19, 2012
The Torpedo Groover for Concrete Control Joints

Torpedo Groover for concrete slab control joints.The Torpedo Groover from SLIP INDUSTRIES is a 56” long, machine tooled, high grade aluminum groover. This groover cuts an initial straight control joint 1½” deep in freshly placed concrete every time. 

Feb 1, 2001
Manufacturer Profile: Solomon Colors

Concrete steps colored with Solomon Colors poroductsSolomon Colors is the largest U.S.-owned producer of iron oxide pigments. Based in Springfield, Ill., the company got its start in the 1920s. Robert C. Solomon, the operator of the Panther Creek Coal Mine Co., decided that the black, carboniferous slate that lies above the coal seams would make a good color by-product.

Susan Brimo-Cox
Dec 10, 2001
10 Most-Read Blog Posts About Concrete from Concrete Decor's Website

ICF concrete construction


Decorative Drain Covers Enhance Surrounding Concrete

decorative drain grate in concrete beautifies an area that is usually overlooked.Let’s say you’re part of a design and construction team that has settled on a stunning look for a high-profile exterior concrete project — the entry to a corporate office, a monument to fallen heroes or maybe a creatively upgraded pedestrian walkway for a downtown shopping district.

Joe Maty
Debunking Common Decorative Concrete Myths

Concrete overlay that has flaked off due to improper surface preparation. “Just apply a decorative overlay and it will hide everything.” Or, “Use acid to strip that sealer.” These are just a couple of the myths or just plain wrong recommendations concrete contractors may have come across recently.

Chris Sullivan
The Smart Chair to Hold Rebar in It's Place Prior to Concrete Pour

Plastic holders for rebar that will hold rebar up before and during a concrete pour. Smart Chairs were designed by contractors for contractors. Constructed with recycled high-strength polypropylene plastic, the chairs are designed to support steel, eliminate wire ties and stop steel displacement.

Dec 7, 2003
Decorative Concrete Tips: Getting Rust Out of Concrete

Rusty concrete has been cleaned with Tek GelAt a recent Flattoo workshop conducted by Surface Gel Tek, Tamryn Doolan discussed many decorative uses for the company’s products. But I also learned another surprising benefit of Tek Gel for Profiling besides its etching and stenciling capabilities.

Oct 5, 2004
Fundamentals of Business: Seven Surefire Ways to Improve Your Sales

Jacob Webb
Jul 9, 2012
Experience and Expertise Prove to be the Winning Combination for Puerto Rican Skatepark

Construction of skatepark in Puerto Rico using rebar and concreteThe working conditions weren’t those of a stateside project, but the objective was the same: Build a skate park that had the smooth curves and flawless finishes of any topnotch park in the U.S. Learn how this contractor skated to perfection.

Kelly O'Brien
Jan 7, 2010
Decorative Concrete Overlays: The Power is in the Polymer

EVA is actually a blend of ethylene acetate and vinyl acetate. Not surprisingly, vinyl acetate's most recognized application is as the main ingredient in Elmer's glue and wood glue.There are two common polymer types used by most decorative overlay manufacturers: ethylene vinyl acetate (EVA) and acrylic.

Chris Sullivan
Feb 19, 2012
The Importance of Bonding Primers

A primer on primers! Here's some information on pretreatments that will stick with you.

Dave Searls
Success with Concrete Countertops: Dealing with Wastewater and Sludge

The previous issue’s “Success With Concrete Countertops” article dealt with the role of water in your concrete. This issue’s column concerns the water produced during concrete countertop production.

Jeffrey Girard
Feb 11, 2011
Artisan in Concrete: CSolutions, Atlanta, Ga.

Decorative work is a growing part of this groundbreaking company, where business savvy meets design expertise.

Christina Camara
Mar 18, 2009