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The Power of Diamond Grit

Upgrade to Lavina propane and electric concrete grinders One of the largest lighting manufacturers in North America has recently moved its product development to a 132,000-square-foot building in Atlanta, Georgia, and the company chose polished concrete as the most cost-efficient and easy to maintain flooring option.

Concrete Products Work Best When Applied as a System

Concrete Products Work Best When Applied as a System Why use a concrete system, concrete products made by same manufacturer, advantages of concrete system, systems approach for concrete, reduce risks of concrete work with system, concrete benefits with system, using a systems approach, what works best for concrete products. Photo courtesy of Townescapes, Batavia, OhioProducts made by same manufacturer for concrete projects work best as a system.

Greg Iannone
May 26, 2017
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Got Slurry?

Upgrade to Lavina propane and electric concrete grinders If you're doing anything with polishing, drilling or sawing concrete these days, you're likely already using water in your processes. Those hedging on not using wet processes are staring straight at a mandate from OSHA that requires contractors to reduce the permissible exposure limit (PEL) for respirable crystalline silica.

Concrete Polishing & Grinding Equipment Specification Report

Best concrete polishing machine to buy or purchase. How to pick the best machine.Know your business and you’ll know what kind of equipment fits your needs. Find the information you need to know in Concrete Decor's Polishing & Grinding Specification Report.

Jun 13, 2017
Weather Affects Set Time of Stamped Concrete Overlays

Stamped concrete overlay on a busy driveway in a southern California subdivision.When working with stamped concrete overlays, experts caution you to keep your eye on weather and temperature conditions.

David Searls
Jun 7, 2017
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Concrete Decor Roadshow
Pouring Concrete with Acid Staining in Mind

Pouring concrete that is to be stained


Nick Dancer
Understanding the Components of Finishing Newly Placed Concrete

Ride-On and Walk-behind Trowels

The Polishing Consultant
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Barnsco Decorative Concrete Supply
Contractor Hits a Bullseye with Glow Aggregate

lizard print on grey concrete floorWhat started out as a once-in-a-lifetime hunting adventure turned into a friendship and a trophy-worthy job where contractor Matt Villella, owner of Sierra Concrete Arts in Saint Paul, Minnesota, bagged one of his most memorable projects to date.

Jennifer Byrnes
10 Business Tips to Help Your Concrete Business Be More Successful

Commemorative 100th Issue
Westminster City Center Park Westminster, Colo.

In 2007, the city of Westminster, Colo., a suburb located northwest of Denver, began initial planning for a new park that would sit on 9 1/2 acres of open land across from its city hall. City planners sought to build an inviting community gathering spot where children could play and families could stroll, take in art and view live performances. For inspiration, Westminster, Colo., city planners looked to their sister city, Westminster, England, a central borough of London.

Natasha Chilingerian
Aug 9, 2011
How To: Prep for a Concrete Staining Job

Preparing the concrete job site is an important part of any staining or coloring project.As any decorative concrete artisan knows, staining is one of the most nuanced, finicky and unpredictable techniques in the playbook. Yes, stains offer a fantastic variety of design possibilities — just consider the difference between an acid-stained floor and a water-based stain job, for example.

Kelly O'Brien
Dec 31, 2011
Manufacturer Profile: L. M. Scofield Co.

LM Scofield produces specialized decorative concrete products as seen here a fern leaf imprint in concrete.The recognition of the name L. M. Scofield comes from more than 85 years in the industry, creating high standards for products that form a virtually unlimited menu for coloring and texturing concrete.

Jun 1, 2001
Artisan In Concrete: Brad Walker, Lonestar Concrete Systems, Watauga, Texas

It’s hard to picture a slow day at Lonestar Concrete Systems — the decorative concrete installation company completes an average of 2,500 projects per year, has anywhere from 70 to 100 projects going at all times and works regularly for big-name clients, including Walmart, McDonald’s and Family Dollar, explains owner Brad Walker.

Natasha Chilingerian
Artisan in Concrete
Oct 9, 2011
ASCC's Decorative Concrete Council Names Winners of 2015 Competition

Award Winning Decorative Concrete

CDCLarue Industries Pulse-Bac

CDCLarue's Pulse-Bac Industrial Vacuum & Dust Collector will remove and contain that dust without constant clogs or lagging lift.CDCLarue’s Pulse-Bac Industrial Vacuum & Dust Collector will remove and contain that dust without constant clogs or lagging lift.

Jul 18, 2005
Scoring and Staining Concrete for Geometric Designs

How staining concrete can look like geometric tile.When I’m planning a project with a geometric tile pattern using concrete stain, I always think of the arcade game Q*bert. Many of you probably already know how much of a geek I am but let me remind you of my age. Yes, I grew up playing Q*bert, the original version. The idea that you can take three connected “squares,” change the color for all three and make them appear to be two walls and a floor is pretty cool to me.

Rick Lobdell
How To: Ornamental Casting

A How To feature that offers step-by-step instructions
for casting statuary and other fine-featured pieces.

Bart Sacco & Kelly O’Brien
How To
Jun 5, 2012
Reactive Stain Effects on Concrete Using Household Items

Ironite is a brand of fertilizer that is composed of primarily iron sulfate in a clay granule.In fact, it was recommended that we avoid promoting this product and, if we had to sell it, that the variegated results should be disguised by buffing with a colored wax.

Michael Miller
the concretist
Jun 5, 2012
Want the Look of Limestone? Use Concrete

Arcustone delivers product for the concrete contractor to transform ordinary concrete into a limestone look.A California company has created a clever disguise — a concrete product that looks like quarried limestone block.

Dec 1, 2002
First honorees named to Decorative Concrete Hall of Fame 2010

The Decorative Concrete Hall of Fame announced its first group of honorees at the 2010 Concrete Decor Show & Spring Training, in Phoenix, Ariz.The Decorative Concrete Hall of Fame announced its first group of honorees at the 2010 Concrete Decor Show & Spring Training, in Phoenix, Ariz.

Apr 15, 2010
Orange-Crete Decorative Concrete Brushes from Riviera Brush Co.

Riviera Brush Co. has been a leader in the concrete brush industry since 1989. They started out by developing their line of Orange-Crete wash brushes for the ready-mix industry. The brushes were designed to stand up to the harsh conditions inherent to the industry — lime, abrasives, muriatic acid and other cleaning agents. They were ideal for cleaning trucks and equipment.

Feb 11, 2011
Masterpiece Concrete

Bernie Apodaca and Debra O'Leary use a variety of systems to suit each customer's taste and budget. Their projects are elegant and innovative.

Chris Camara
A Home Built of Concrete

They say a man's home is his castle, and with a concrete home, it's true. Quiet and energy-efficient, these durable fortresses are increasingly popular.

Rachel Zwerneman and Wendy Ardolino