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Concrete Expectations: Set the Bar Properly at the Onset

A control joint in a concrete slab that has been colored integrally.Setting the bar properly for your clients on the onset ensures happier customers in the long run.

Greg Iannone
Aug 18, 2018
Concrete: A Building Material for the Energy Conscious

Dave Blasedel of Butterfield Color explaning stenciled concrete walls at the 2018 Decorative Concrete Live in Las Vegas.The third annual Decorative Concrete LIVE! continues to showcase innovative construction applications for residential and retail at the World of Concrete in Las Vegas Jan. 22-25, 2019

Aug 16, 2018
Contractors Should Have a Resource Network in Place

Unrepaired concrete that is in desperate need of improvement.The air temperature is 97 degrees F, the concrete arrives late and it turns out it’s a hot load. A set retarder is added, which only makes matters worse. The concrete now sits for eight hours before you can do anything with it. Now what?

Chris Sullivan
Aug 22, 2018
Concrete Surface Preparation, It Looks Clean, But Is It?

Know concrete inside and out before starting to prepare the surface for a concrete topping.Getting to know concrete inside and out will help in properly preparing those surfaces for a topping.

Joan C. Stanus
Aug 16, 2002
Cast, Broken-Edge Table Adds Casual-Cool Vibe to Beach House

Broken-edge coffee table shows cool vibe.Scott Cohen’s company, The Green Scene Landscaping and Pools, is a premier outdoor living construction firm in the Los Angeles area, specializing in resort-style swimming pools and spas, fireplaces, fire pits and outdoor kitchens.

Nov 3, 2015
Terrazzo Artistry Delivers Glitz to McCarran Terminal

Epoxy terrazzo installation at McCarran International Airport, Las Vegas, Terminal 1 baggage and ticketing area.Las Vegas’ McCarran Airport put its money down in a bet on a vibrant, colorful and imaginative new look for the airport’s Terminal 1 ticketing and baggage claim area.

Joe Maty
Jan 22, 2018
Vinegar Facility Requires Durable, Resistant Concrete Floor

Coating on the floor at a vinegar facilityA vinegar-producing company needed a heat- and chemical-resistant floor for their busy production facility. TNT Resurfacing partnered with Azevedo Concrete to install Westcoat’s premier urethane cement system,Temper-Crete, throughout the 1,450-square-foot processing area.

Dec 29, 2014
Broadcast or Troweled Quartz Systems: Which is Right For Your Job

When it comes to resinous quartz flooring, there are two basic ways to approach the installation. You can broadcast the quartz onto a floor coated with wet epoxy, or you can mix the epoxy and quartz together -- making what is often called epoxy mortar -- then trowel it on.When it comes to resinous quartz flooring, there are two basic ways to approach the installation. You can broadcast the quartz onto a floor coated with wet epoxy, or you can mix the epoxy and quartz together -- making what is often called epoxy mortar -- then trowel it on.

Stacey Enesey Klemenc
Aug 15, 2014
Metallic Tips From Troy Lemon

Metallic epoxy flooring tips from a proWhen it comes to working with metallics, there few ways you can make the job a better experience. And getting advice from of of the best is a step up.

Troy Lemon
Apr 5, 2015
Ask Concrete Decor: Slippery Stamped Concrete, Flat Stencils and More

ask concrete decorHave a decorative concrete question that needs answering? Ask it!

Got any solutions for that slippery stamped concrete?

Jan 5, 2002
A White Concrete Extension of Precast Panels

precast concrete extension on top of building A white concrete extension of precast panels added onto an apartment in the city of Innsbruck, Austria, has revitalized a century-old building.

Vanessa Salvia
Apr 18, 2016
Quality Polishing Diamonds: A Polisher's Best Friend

Husqvarna floor grinder sitting back so the bottom pads are show.Although a good grinder/polisher will take other types of pads besides diamonds, the industrial version of the gemstone is a must for a wide range of tasks. And, there’s the rub: just as with jewelry, these diamonds are seen as being expensive.

K. Schipper
Dec 2, 2016
Second Career Proves Fruitful for This Concrete Artisan

A blue and orange stained concrete floor that has been transformed by this concrete artisan.Don Pinger's second career began with a little dabbling in utilitarian concrete. That was seven years ago, when he was still working long hours in the restaurant he owned. He'd been reading about what people were doing with decorative concrete, and that intrigued him as well.

David Searls
Apr 9, 2010
Experts Sing the Praises of Polyaspartic Coatings

Purple polyaspartic on a floor with red specksExperts have a lot to say about polyaspartics. We gathered some of our favorites from contractors and manufacturers.

Jun 9, 2009
How to Control the Controllable in Decorative Concrete

Taking notes about a construction job site on the hood of a truck.Surviving the Slowdown. Keeping your decorative concrete business profitable during periods of economic slowdown.

Doug Carlton
Feb 15, 2007
A Passion for Innovation Keeps this Concrete Contractor Excited about the Trade

Concrete kitchen countertop has a bi level bar area and is an L shaped kitchen.With a natural bent for innovation, this third-generation Santa Cruz contractor brings a unique touch to his decorative work.

Brad Jeske
Feb 26, 2004
How the International Green Construction Code Affects You

Green buildings looking up from the ground.Most of the requirements in the IGCC that could apply to decorative concrete are not really that new, and often they are things you already do.

Jan 6, 2011
How to Build a Concrete Lounge Chair

Jeffrey Girard concrete casting instructionsConcrete lounge chairs are one of the hottest applications of concrete furniture made with glass fiber reinforced concrete (GFRC).

Jeffrey Girard
Sep 13, 2015