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Got Concrete Slurry?

Upgrade to Lavina propane and electric concrete grinders If you're doing anything with polishing, drilling or sawing concrete these days, you're likely already using water in your processes. Those hedging on not using wet processes are staring straight at a mandate from OSHA that requires contractors to reduce the permissible exposure limit (PEL) for respirable crystalline silica.

Augmented reality meets concrete

Augmented reality meets concreteOnce upon a time, and not so very long ago, a large segment of business was conducted in person or via a hard-wired telephone, and pencil and paper were the order of the day. An adding machine handled simple math functions, and an electric typewriter in the office was high tech.

K. Schipper
Sep 4, 2017
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Sundek Recognizes 42 Concrete Projects in 2017

Sundek Recognizes 42 Projects in 2017A total of 42 awards were presented at the 2017 Sundek Awards Banquet during the company’s 33rd annual convention in Hilton Fort Worth earlier this year.

Sep 1, 2017
Concrete industry offers lucrative career path for women

Concrete industry offers lucrative career path for womenWomen CEOs of concrete companies are smashing glass ceilings and bucking trends that have emerged for women in other nontraditional occupations. While women CEOs only comprise 2 percent in the basic and infrastructure sectors according to World Economic Forum and Bureau of Labor Statistics data.

Sefla Fuhrman, Ph.D.
Concrete Questions: Can You Make Cracked Concrete Overlay-Friendly?

Can Cracked Concrete Be Repaired with an Overlay?

Chris Sullivan
Tips and Techniques: Polishable Overlay Installation

The Nordstrom Rack clothing store in Aventura, Fla., contains 7,000 square feet of polished overlay, including this aisle. The project is the work of Creative Concrete Services, Lakeland, Fla. Photos courtesy of CTS Cement ManufacturingIn terms of decorative options, existing concrete slabs are limited to topical color systems. In many cases these coloration processes are subject to fading and wear and are sensitive in high-moisture environments. You’ll find more versatility in 3/8-inch concrete overlays. Not only do you have a choice of UV-stable integral colors, but you can also choose from several types of aggregates.

Joe Zingale
Decorative Concrete in Colorado: Trends Near and Far

decorative concrete trends

Karen Van Heukelem
Horizon at Playa Vista, Playa Vista, Calif.

Natasha Chilingerian
Jun 5, 2012
Water Weeping Walls: Building an Indoor Waterfall

Weeping walls are a water feature in which the water trickles down the side of a wall, a piece of glass or a similar surface. They can be built inside or outside, but they are becoming more popular in residential homes.Weeping walls are a water feature in which the water trickles down the side of a wall, a piece of glass or a similar surface.

May 29, 2009
Are You Ready to Be a Project Manager?

Concrete installation project manager

Mark Celebuski
Concrete Release Agents: Liquid or Powder?

Beautifuly finished concrete driveway with the use of colored liquid release used during the concrete stamping process.While both liquid and powder release agents separate stamp from concrete, only the powders come with color. Liquid release agents are usually clear. If you want to tint with them, you have to add the pigment yourself.

John Strieder
Dec 17, 2003
What Considerations To Make When Purchasing A Vacuum

large vacuum with dust collecting featureThe philosophy behind purchasing industrial vacuums for controlling airborne dust is changing in the concrete industry, especially with new federal rules now in place concerning worker exposure to these particles. 

Debby and Keith Davis
Concrete Products Work Best When Applied as a System

Concrete Products Work Best When Applied as a System Why use a concrete system, concrete products made by same manufacturer, advantages of concrete system, systems approach for concrete, reduce risks of concrete work with system, concrete benefits with system, using a systems approach, what works best for concrete products. Photo courtesy of Townescapes, Batavia, OhioProducts made by same manufacturer for concrete projects work best as a system.

Greg Iannone
May 26, 2017
Artistic Solution Prevents Skateboard Damage

Close up of a solution to the ever growing concrete damage caused by skateboardsAfter Tom Ralston Concrete recently finished a handsome concrete wall for the Pacific Gardens Chapel in Santa Cruz, Calif., local skateboarders promptly began to destroy it while practicing their “railing” and jumping techniques. Tom Ralston got to work creating a unique and and attractive solution.

Oct 23, 2003
Decorative Concrete Tips: Using a Grid to Transfer Art to Concrete

A depiction of a bull from caveman drawings is placed onto a concrete patio using a grid methodUse this decorative technique to transfer art to a concrete patio using a grid method is an effiecient and foolproof way to get the perfect look you and your customer are after.

Dave Pettigrew
Aug 1, 2004
How an Elegant Radius Staircase Was Created Step by Step

A play by play on an exquisite set of radius steps that was connected to a 3,000 square foot veranda outside a 21,000 square foot home.

Bart Sacco
Feb 12, 2002
Concrete Color Hardeners - A Dual Purpose Application

Concrete contractor throwing color hardener on a fresh concrete slab ready to be stamped or textured.Dry shake hardeners are increasingly popular as coloring agents. Color hardeners are made from cement, sand and pigment, with finishing agents, wetting agents or retardants added to suit manufacturers’ preferences.

John Strieder
Jun 3, 2003
Polished Concrete Floor at Meadowdale Middle School

Picture the elementary school you attended. The floors were probably concrete covered by institutional-style vinyl tile or commercial-grade carpet. In a word, boring.


Chris Mayo
Oct 9, 2011
It's Time to CARE About Sales Silence

The sound of silence represents the ability to truly hear what prospects are saying. Small child drawing a chart with chalk on a blackboard.

Shhhh… Close your eyes and don’t make a sound. The sound of silence is the sound of sales increasing substantially for you and your company. The sound of silence represents the ability to truly hear what prospects are saying, before worrying about your next statement. It also represents the lack of time salespeople spend honing their sales skills

Ken Lundin
Decorative Concrete in the Greater Indianapolis Area: Automobile Museum in Auburn Replaces Waxed Floor with Polished System

Dancer’s company, Dancer Concrete Design, offered another solution to waxing the scuffed-up floor in the events center — polished concrete.

Vanessa Salvia
JW Marriott Art Plaza Becomes A City Landmark

Catty-cornered northwest of the Indiana Convention Center, the JW Marriott Art Plaza has become a city landmark and a tribute to Hoosiers statewide since its grand unveiling in March 2010.

The Science of Concrete Mixes

Using a little bit of research, a dash of cunning and a lot of experimentation, developing your own mix designs can save you from many decorative concrete pitfalls.

Christina Camara
Mar 12, 2008