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Pneumatic Chip-broadcast Hopper Gun

Pneumatic Chip-broadcast Hopper GunTraditionally, when decorative or specialty flooring contractors wanted to broadcast decorative vinyl color chips or colored quartz onto a horizontal or vertical surface, they preferred doing it by hand. Now, the pneumatic chip-broadcast hopper gun from Arizona Polymer Flooring Inc. is giving those hands some help.

When used in conjunction with a variable-psi air compressor, the gun will shoot vinyl chips across a 15-foot-to-20-foot span, allowing the applicator to apply color chips easily without having to step onto a wet base coat. The gun efficiently optimizes the amount of chips used and reduces chip cost per application. That’s a good thing, as chip cost can be one of your biggest expenses when you are putting down this type of floor.

While the gun is being used to broadcast chips onto a vertical surface, the pressure of the compressor can be reduced to approximately 20 psi. Pressure this low will allow the chips to float easily and stick to the surface uniformly, with no bounce-back and no waste of time or material.

“The gun is designed to replace hand-broadcasting, which is inefficient in terms of both time and material costs, and it gives the applicator greater control over the distribution of the chips or quartz,” says Arizona Polymer Flooring director of sales Peter Collins.

What’s more, using a tool to distribute chips just plain looks more professional than chucking them by hand, he says. “It reflects a higher degree of professionalism in the eyes of the contractor’s customers.”

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