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Vol. 7 No. 1 - February 2007

Cheng Design Awards Best in Concrete Countertop Design

Concrete and wood countertop by Eric Boyd, Reaching Quiet Design, Charlotte, N.C.Concrete countertop guru Fu-Tung Cheng saluted his latest group of top proteges at January's World of Concrete.

February 16, 2007
Placing an Overlay Over an Overlay - Is it Risky or Not?

Bright sea green acrylic stain on a microtopping over another microtopping appears 3d.It's fun to say but hard to do. Here's when and how to accomplish this feat with the least risk to you or your customer.

By Susan Brimo-Cox
February 17, 2007
The Comfort of Radiant Heat in Concrete

For a snow-melt system, the designer specifies tubing embedded in outdoor or garage slabs.Bob “Hot Rod” Rohr isn’t your everyday installer of heating systems. The Rogersville, Mo., heating expert got turned on to radiant heat about 15 years ago and dove, well, toes-first into the technology.

By John Vastyan
February 17, 2007
Talking the Talk, Walking the WOC

The goal is to not only raise the knowledge and expertise of both veterans and newcomers to our industry, but equally importantly, to raise our own knowledge through interaction with all of you in the field.Walking the walk, not just talking the talk, is more important than ever for our young industry. As the polished concrete industry enters its second decade, we’re still the infants of the floor coating and floor covering industry, an industry that is worth more than 25 billion dollars annually.

By Peter Wagner, CSI
February 18, 2007
Mike Miller a.k.a. The Concretist Inc.

Using needle scalers, scarifiers and diamond grinders, they carved 3/8-inch relief into the polished, gray concrete. A casting resin, which is usually used in sculpture, filled the basin with what looked like bubbly water.Mike Miller, a Benicia, Calif., artist, calls his work "sensory concrete."

By Chris Camara
February 17, 2007
Soy-based Products for Concrete: Nontoxic and Biodegradable

Soybeans are one of the oldest crops in the world, but soy-based products are new to the decorative concrete industry.The healthy choice for floors. Soybeans are one of the oldest crops in the world, but soy-based products are new to the decorative concrete industry. There are soy-based products available for every phase of a project. Should you be using them?

By Loretta Hall
February 18, 2007
Pneumatic Chip-broadcast Hopper Gun

mica chip broadcasting hand held tool. Pneumatic chip broadcasting tool.Traditionally, when decorative or specialty flooring contractors wanted to broadcast decorative vinyl color chips or colored quartz onto a horizontal or vertical surface, they preferred doing it by hand.

February 20, 2007
Concrete and Glass Mosaic Map of Bainbridge Island, Wash.

Placing of glass pieces into concrete to create mapIn 2005, Mesolini Glass Studio was commissioned by the Rotary Club of Bainbridge Island to create a concrete-and-glass mosaic map of the island to be placed at the new Rotary Gateway Park.

February 22, 2007
Applying an Overlay Over an Overlay

When applying overlays over over- lays, certain tools and techniques can make the job easierWhen applying overlays over overlays, certain tools and techniques can make the job easier.

By Susan Brimo-Cox
February 16, 2007
Organization at the Decorative Concrete Job

Crew member makes a list for the workdayThis column is all about stacking the deck in our favor. You have probably noticed there are few safety nets in this business, which validates the importance of doing everything possible to control the controllable. Ask any successful decorative contractor and I will bet there is at least one thing they all have in common: organization.

By Doug Carlton
February 17, 2007
The Rundown on Concrete Polishing Machines

Polishing a floor requires the right tool for the job.In this Tooling section, Concrete Decor magazine focused on walk-behind models, handheld models, edgers and other tools that can be helpful to decorative contractors on small and medium-sized jobs.

February 19, 2007
Marketing Your Work With Photos

Bank entrance stained with images of coinsIn today’s world, we tend not to listen anymore. There are so many of us, we are all talking, and our words have become background noises for the stimuli that really distract us. If you want to say something today, you have to use the language that transcends culture, geography, and time. You have to use imagery.

By Steven Ochs
February 18, 2007