High Efficiency Cyclone Systems: One HEC of an Option

High Efficiency Cyclone SystemsRuwac has newly redesigned High Efficiency Cyclone Systems (HEC). These pre-separation systems remove debris, powder, and also dust from the air, creating a cleaner work environment while maintaining vacuum suction power.

High efficiency cyclone systems are specifically engineered to remove 97 percent of fine dust and debris from the workplace, with ranges from 100-600 cfm. The cyclone’s rubberized interior is abrasion resistant. Its reinforced housing is exclusively for vacuum applications that have static pressures of a 50-inch water gauge and higher. Successfully pre-separating debris and dust protects the integrity of vacuum filters and elongates filter life while reducing cost and maintenance time.

In addition, one can suit the HEC system to different application needs. Available with 30- and 55-gallon drum containers, there are also customizations that can fit a dumpster up to 4 cubic yards. Ruwac can modify systems with equalizer kits for plastic bag inserts and tipping containers. This makes for easy waste removal. They can also be adapted to current central vacuum systems. The HEC system inlets range from 2 inches to 4 inches. It can accommodate a multitude of hoses and utility tools.

About Ruwac

At Ruwac USA., the company specializes in industrial vacuums and only industrial vacuums. Because this is all it does, you can rest assure that quality, design and performance are of the utmost priorities. Ruwac stands behind every vacuum system it manufactures. The company will not recommend a vacuum system without knowing the application. They also recommend vacuums based on the amount of use within the application. Additionally, they also look at who will be using the vacuum system. Ruwac prides itself in providing industrial vacuums that fit your application and also exceed your expectations.

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