Patriot Spraysafe System

patriot sprayers now allow acetone dyes and sealing compoundsInitially developed to spray acid stain, the Patriot Spraysafe System from Patriot Sprayer Systems Inc. also allows the user to apply acetone dyes, cure-and-seal compounds, and other topical treatments and coatings with consistency and safety.

The low-pressure sprayer uses carbon dioxide cartridges to propel liquid through its nozzle, and the uniform pressure allows consistent atomization of the liquid. Onboard spray tips come in five sizes. By incorporating carbon dioxide, the Spraysafe System has eliminated electricity and propane from the job site, which helps when spraying solvent-based dyes and other materials that could catch fire.
The Patriot comes in three models. The Patriot 500 cart model pumps 3 gallons per minute without tip and delivers 60 psi of tip pressure. The portable Patriot 350 delivers 40 psi. The Patriot 5500 attaches to large drums and allows a flow rate of 5 gallons per minute without tip and maximum tip pressure of 90 psi. Five color-coded tips help the user apply very fine mists or heavy coarse sprays.

The 350 and 500 units take 20-ounce carbon dioxide containers. The 5500 can use a 5-pound or a 10-pound container and support one or two spray wands.

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