Polishing system from NewLook

NewLook International Inc. has unveiled its new NanoSet Polishing System. The comprehensive system includes NanoSet Densifier, NanoSet Protector and NanoSet Cleaner. The NanoSet Densifier is a sustainable blend of inorganic polymers that densify and strengthen the structural integrity of concrete up to 1/4 inch.

Its technologically advanced, water-based formula with concentrated, nano-sized silica particles penetrates deeply into architectural concrete surfaces to reduce freeze-thaw damage, improve wear resistance and improve the bond between NewLook’s Concrete Color Stains and treated concrete. NanoSet Densifier is used for polishing and winterizing concrete, and it is sold in concentrate.

The NanoSet Protector is a finishing sealer and conditioner applied during the polishing process, and it is also sold in concentrate. It introduces additional silica into the substrate, along with a clear polymer that provides additional protection against stains, acids and soil. It enhances the aesthetics of integrally colored or stained concrete, giving it a brilliant shine that compliments the aesthetics of exposed aggregate.

The NanoSet Cleaner is a premiumgrade cleaning solution that combines cleansing action with suspended silica technology. It cleans soils and contaminants from the surface as it introduces additional silica into polished concrete surfaces. It is recommend as part of regular building maintenance for maximum value, and it, too, is available in concentrate.


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