Pro Polisher – Summer 2010

Polished Concrete Installed at California Solar Panel Plant

To accommodate the manufacturing robots that do the bulk of the work, the floors of Solyndra’s two plants must be very flat, level and durable, says Jonathan Williams, president of Diacon Inc., in Manteca, Calif. “We couldn’t have any ridges or valleys that would cause them to offshoot.” The task at hand was to produce functional factory floors that were also pleasing to the human eye.

The Importance of Managing Expectations in Polished Concrete

Possibly one of the most-discussed topics in the concrete polishing industry today is managing the customer’s expectations. Many an instance has occurred in which the floor has been ground, honed and polished within a hair’s thickness of perfection in the contractor’s eyes, only for him to be informed at collection time that it isn’t what the customer had in mind.