Vol. 18 No. 4 – May/June 2018

International Decorative Concrete Industry Evolves

For those of us who work in the U.S., Canada and Western Europe, we take for granted the quality of our everyday materials, let alone how easy they are to obtain. In developing countries, the amount of time and cost involved in getting everything needed for a job can be staggering. But staggering to who?

Companies Expand Company-wide Safety Programs

While new regulations, and the associated steps required for compliance, can create stress across the industry, these rules make sense. According to OSHA, workers who inhale small crystalline silica particles are at increased risk of suffering serious lung and kidney issues.

Polished Concrete Highlights Rounded Antique Aggregate

Viridian Architectural Design initially wanted to resurface the ground floor of the circa 1875-1895 Fulton County Courthouse in Rochester, Indiana, with terrazzo but the money for the pricey topping wasn’t in the budget. Still, the county wanted that stone look to complement the other floors in the building and polishing was deemed the next best thing.

Gray Scheme Dominant Choice for Decorative Concrete

Gray seems to be dominating current color schemes for everything. As I’m not a fan, I hope this trend ends soon. Forcing me to work in gray almost makes me turn down jobs. But work is better than being idle so if gray is your prospect’s preferred hue, here are a couple of important points to think about when talking to clients.