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Cookie Cutter type Aluminum Stamps for Concrete

Aluminum Stamps from Lasting Impressions In Concrete used in a pool deck and side walk. Red stone look stamped concrete using aluminum stamp tools.

Lasting Impressions In Concrete, makers of traditional aluminum stamping tools in Sun Valley, California is one of the few foundries still casting specialty designed aluminum (A356 T-6) concrete stamping tools.

Also known as “Cookie Cutters,” these stamps offer unique characteristics and advantages not found among other stamping systems. In talking to various contractors who use aluminum stamps regularly, Concrete Decor found several valid reasons today’s concrete contractors should consider the aluminum stamps as a valuable tool for decorative concrete applications.

Aluminum Stamps from Lasting Impressions In Concrete easy to press in the concrete and maintain precise joint lines across the slab.Aluminum stamps offer these benefits

  • They eliminate the use of a release agent in stamping applications.
  • They allow for a patterned imprint without leaving a texture on the concrete. This benefit allows for a smooth stone or tile appearance or other custom texturing applications, if desired.
  • They are easier to press into the concrete and maintain precise joint lines across the slab. Producing a 1⁄2" to 3⁄4" jointing imprint, aluminum stamps eliminate the “oozing” of concrete between stamps, characteristic in other stamping methods. With a deeper impression they also provide for enhanced grouting applications.
  • Designed with a tapered edge, the aluminum stamps provide a clean and very authentic tile or random stone pattern with each application.
  • Used properly, aluminum stamps will last a lifetime.

For more information on your specific application needs please call Lasting Impressions In Concrete at 800-655-7565.

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