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Stone Craft Concrete Countertop Designs, Textures and Coloring Systems

Stone Craft Countertops are polymer modified concrete after staining and sealing will have a one of a kind look, very rustic concrete countertops.Stone Craft produces innovative countertop designs, textures and coloring systems that have moved countertops into a whole new distinction.

Until now, makers of concrete countertops have been plagued with several limitations and difficulties associated with the very properties of concrete. One of the biggest improvements in the Stone Craft system is in mix-design. A polymer modified formula allows installers to pour a very thin coating over a solid substrate. This reduces weight while producing excellent structural strength in a fraction of the time normally required for concrete.Polymer modified concrete countertop mix has a big advantage in the forming process.

But the biggest advantage may be in the forming process, says Stone Craft owner Matt Jecker. Contractors can use custom, streamline forms that are easy to install and show improved detail. “These forms change the total appearance from massive to classic,” Jecker says.

Rustic stained and sealed concrete countertops for that one of a kind look in your kitchen.Furthermore, the method in which the stain and seal coats are applied locks in the unique, one-of-a kind look. Countertops can usually be completed within four to five days. In many remodeling cases involving Formica, the existing surface can be used for the basic structure, making the system an even more efficient process.

Training seminars are available through Stone Craft, located in Springfield, Missouri. For information call (417) 888-2422.

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