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Vol. 2 No. 4 - December/January 2003

Integrally Colored Concrete Building: Los Angeles Cathedral

Panels of integrally colored concrete on a steel frame were used in the Los Angeles Cathedral.The Los Angeles Cathedral proves that integrally colored concrete can be used with confidence on even the most demanding architectural projects.

By Michael Chusid
December 1, 2002
Concrete Contractor Veterans Share Techniques for How to Stamp Concrete

Misty hillside spa surrounded by amazing concrete rocks tumbling down beside stamped concrete stairs.Experts share some secrets for honing your concrete stamping skills.

By Denise Wendt
August 23, 2002
New Era for Epoxy: The Durable Coating That is Also Decorative

Epoxy coating in black, white and silver depicting the nights sky in slow motion.With the addition of pigments, flakes and powders, these durable coatings can now add plenty of pizzazz to concrete floors.

By John Strieder
December 1, 2002
Using Concrete Control Joints in Your Design

Red stained concrete diamond shapes blend with the control joint that runs through the middle of the concrete slab.Concrete control joints are necessary, but they don't have to be ugly. Here's how to turn them into art.

By Joan Stanus
December 3, 2002
How to Create Concrete Walls and Caps with Form Liners

Concrete that looks like stone can be seen at subdivision entrances to shopping malls. Form liner used with concrete creates this mystical yard surround.From the look of stone to fanciful murals, these concrete structures are more than just walls.

By Christina Camara
December 6, 2002
Communication with Questions

Clipart of two people communicating using questions. A sales person needs to know about the person prior to selling a product or project. Sound intelligent.Asking the right questions will help you truly connect with your customer.

By Ken Lundin
December 9, 2002
Inspiration finds form in Decorative Concrete: Airspeed Skateparks

Skilled skater dude on a skate ramp he built with his friends in Oregon.Plenty of people can work with concrete and make functional and aesthetically pleasing interior and exterior structures. A skatepark, however, is a different animal. In addition to having a sound structural plan and fresh features, a great park needs a crew that understands motion.

By Mary Ann Petersen
December 1, 2002
Vibrant Cementitious & Polymer Colors Make This Concrete Floor the Center of Attention

With Cementitious Polymer colors from Arflor you can create simple or intricate designs.Artflor Systems' vibrant cementitious and polymer colors make this concrete floor the center of attention.

By Stacy Enesey Klemenc
December 1, 2002
Anti-Growth from GSI/Camden Products Keeps the Moss Away from Concrete Surfaces

GSI Anti-Growth from Camden Products is an advanced algicide/fungicide for getting rid of mold, mildew, and algae and keep it gone.

Anti-Growth is a concentrated coating, which is mixed with water, costs pennies per square foot of coverage. It can be brushed, rolled, sprayed, sponged or ragged on, depending on the surface.

December 1, 2002
Renew-Crete Concentrated Concrete Stamp Overlay Mix

Renew-Crete stampable overlay mix comes in 30 pre-mixed colors and is simple to use. Stamped concrete that looks like stone tile.The Renew-Crete® Stamp Overlay Mix was designed exclusively for decorative concrete restoration and is the product of years of research and development.

December 1, 2002
Stone Craft Concrete Countertop Designs, Textures and Coloring Systems

Concrete countertop burping dry ice steam in front of a concrete lion head.

One of the biggest improvements in the Stone Craft system is in mix-design. A polymer modified formula allows installers to pour a very thin coating over a solid substrate. This reduces weight while producing excellent structural strength in a fraction of the time normally required for concrete.

December 1, 2002
The Concrafter - Concrete Stamping Tool for Edging

Concrete stamping edge tool that does not need special forming or pouring.If you're into stamping concrete (and who isn't these days?), here's a tool that should be part of your repertoire. Concrafter® LLC design stamps — the brainchild of Theo Hunsaker and his sons, Kip and Sean, out of Vernon, Ariz. — require no special forming or pouring to create decorative edges. The process is so simple and fast, the Hunsakers say, you'll literally gain “the edge” over the competition once you master the technique.

By Stacey Enesey Klemenc
December 1, 2002
Gypsum Underlayment for Floors - Durable, Lightweight, Fire-Resistant, and Sound Rated

Gypsum floor underlayment is an economical way to achieve durable, lightweight, fire-resistant and sound-rated floors.Due to its unique set of performance and installation benefits, the use of gypsum underlayment is growing rapidly in all facets of commercial and industrial construction.

December 1, 2002
Marketing a Concrete Contracting Business - What it Takes?

Marketing is an essential part of any business. What does it take to market a decorative concrete business?You're used to working hard. Hard work is what you've built your company on. Every day you're working hard to close more sales and finish jobs. But unless you work as hard at marketing your company, you may soon find yourself out of work entirely.

By Juliet Farmer and Jim Peterson
December 1, 2002
Decorative Concrete Tips: Evaporation Reducers

Sunset over lake wisps of evaporation off a crack in a glacier. We all know that the weather plays a huge factor in our trade. Trying to figure out the ever-changing weather conditions and how they affect our work is the lifelong journey of every dedicated concrete installer. As we all know, weather can change in a very short period of time despite what the weatherman calls for on TV.

By Bart Sacco
December 1, 2002
Want the Look of Limestone? Use Concrete

Arcustone delivers product for the concrete contractor to transform ordinary concrete into a limestone look.A California company has created a clever disguise — a concrete product that looks like quarried limestone block.

December 1, 2002