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Vol. 6 No. 3 - June/July 2006

Viva Italia! How Italians Do Decorative Concrete

Vertical concrete overlay training class in Italy by Ideal Work.Concrete Decor publisher goes on a whirlwind trip to Italy and finds that European contractors are eager to learn more about how Italian concrete contractors do decorative concrete.

By Bent Mikkelsen
June 11, 2006
Going Vertical with Reactive Concrete Stains

When it comes to application, contractors lean toward spraying, although some may use a sponge or foam brush to achieve a special effect. Kemiko recommends an all-plastic handheld garden sprayer. Discover why vertical staining is catching on despite some application challenges.

By John Strieder
June 18, 2006
Rich Redwood Colored Concrete Stain Bring Health Village to Life

The stainers tried to make each wall look like a unique set of panels. Muse Concrete Contractors Inc. of Redding, Calif., did its part to create the illusion by developing tilt-up wall forms that replicated the rough, uneven sides of the old huts.Is it redwood or is it concrete? A Sacramento contractor creates a Native American health center with reactive-stained walls

By John Strieder
June 19, 2006
What is the Right Amount of Reinforcement for a Concrete Countertop

One could argue that cast-in-place countertops are not beams because there is plywood supporting them. However, if you think about it, even in construction, plywood isn't a structural component; it is flexible.Reinforce your knowledge and make structurally strong concrete countertops.

By Susan Brimo-Cox
June 22, 2006
Jump in! Perfecting the Decorative Concrete Pool Deck

A cantilevered deck sits on top of the edge of the pool. It can be made of concrete panels as large as 8 feet square and is actually part of the deck. The edge can be rounded or fall vertically.Beyond the beauty of its surface, a well-made pool deck can keep your customers cool and safe.

By Amy Johnson
June 28, 2006
Joints: Control Your Concrete Cracks

After determining how far apart you should place the concrete control joints, how deep should you cut them? Well, that all depends on whom you ask.Tips for mastering the art of joint placement in a concrete slab.

By Stacey Enesey Klemenc
July 4, 2006
A Visit to the World of Concrete Asia

World of Concrete Asia 2006 crate being loaded by a big piece of equipment.A seminar at World of Concrete Asia was titled "What's New in Decorative Concrete," showed off colorful pictures of stamping, staining, overlays, polishing, concrete countertops and vertically carved concrete.

By Doug Carlton
July 5, 2006
Tips from Concrete Contractors who Embrace Customer Service

Emoji for smiling to frowning red, yellow, green, representing customer service. from share customer-service tips that help make their businesses successful.

By Wendy Ardolino
June 2, 2006
A Translucent Dye for Non-porous Cement-based Surfaces

Dye-n-Seal is translucent and does not depend on a chemical reaction. Davis explains that it is much more forgiving than similar products and is very easy to work with, which reduces the workload dramatically.Dye-N-Seal from Brickform is a translucent dye designed to penetrate and color any non-porous cement-based surface. It can be used with or without a stain.

By Wendy Ardolino
July 11, 2006
Concrete Contractor Cary Grant from Floor Seasons

 A combination of quality product, creative talent, integrity and passion meld together to produce art you can walk onCary Grant (no, not that Cary Grant) went from making his living stripping floors to discovering a passion for concrete staining.

By Mike Dawson
June 15, 2006
An Indepth Look at the Use of Air Entrainers in Decorative Concrete

Air contained in concrete benefits the end result the pressure off with air-entraining agents with a pressure release.

By Mike Dawson
July 10, 2006
Mix Design and Performance for Polished Concrete

Mix Design – What do those two words conjure up in our imagination? Architects randomly pulling ingredients off a shelf? Engineers wanting to prove they have the perfect solution? Owners going overboard in their expectations? Ready mix operators using what they have in their silos?An in-depth study on mix design for polished concrete.

By Peter Wagner, CSI
July 8, 2006
Backyard Beach Pool Design

Around the pool, Lacker experimented with a beach design that he planned to recreate at the Dolphin Mall in Miami. He applied an overlay over the area around the pool and created an ocean blue both in the pool and around it, using SuperStone integral blue color in the overlay and blue SuperStone dyes on the surface.Around the pool is a beach design GLC3 planned for the Dolphin Mall in Miami. He applied an overlay and created an ocean blue both in the pool and around it, using SuperStone integral blue color in the overlay and blue SuperStone dyes on the surface.

July 17, 2006
Using Concrete Countertops as Beams: Where the Stresses Occur

(Reprinted, with the permission of The Concrete Countertop Institute, from the textbook for Precast Concrete Countertops 101.)A beam is a horizontal structural member that spans some open space and is supported near the ends. The beam can then support some weight placed on top of it somewhere between the end supports. A floor joist is a beam. Concrete countertops are also beams.

By Jeffrey Girard
June 21, 2006
Concrete Vibrators: The Hard Truth

The UMC-1 bracket mounts easily to any casting table with lag screws and can be easily moved. Concrete countertop contractors can place the vibrator in the best position to provide localized, powerful vibration, and then move it to the next spot for a perfect finished product.Vibrators for concrete can be used to move air out of the mix come in all shapes and sizes from ultra portable to versions for the countertop.

July 9, 2006