Building with Concrete

As sustainable as it is durable, concrete offers an endless array of cost-effective possibilities and versatile results for residential and commercial buildings

Moisture Tests in Concrete: Calcium Chloride vs. Relative Humidity

When good floor coatings go bad, moisture is often the culprit.

Even cured concrete can emit enough moisture to blister, cloud or delaminate a coating, especially when a slab with no vapor barrier sits on ground with poor drainage. The manufacturers of overlays, microcoatings, sealers and specialty coatings set moisture tolerance limits for their products.

Are we looking at the demise of fly ash in concrete?

When evaluating the carbon footprint of concrete, we consider the greenhouse gases released during cement manufacturing, aggregate mining, admixture production, and transportation of all the materials to the cement plant and the ready-mix plant and then to the job site. Although there are other sources contributing to the carbon footprint of concrete, cement is the bad actor, despite the fact that we couldn’t make concrete without it.