Transitioning Your Concrete Business into Pool Construction

The success of your decorative concrete future hinges on one word: anticipation. The ability to anticipate where to find the potential buyers of services over the next year or two is one few professionals even consider. The fact that you’re still reading after only three sentences makes you a visionary. Congratulations. The goal of this article is to define an upcoming opportunity for you and your business, explain why pool remodel construction is an opportunity of the future and, lastly, what it takes to remodel in-ground pools.

There are several million in-ground pools across the United States that are damaged or deteriorating to the point that simple repair will not be adequate. What these pools need is a complete remodel in order to function properly and provide an aesthetically appealing part of an outdoor living space. Most pool owners have no idea what it will take to restore their backyard oasis and will eventually turn to a reliable business like yours for guidance.

Not a simple fix
It has been my experience that a majority of pool owners falsely believe the remedy for a damaged pool goes no further than replacing the pool’s decking. This is the furthest belief from the truth. reports that the average cost to remodel a private swimming pool is approximately $19,000. As you can see by this costly expenditure, the remodeling process goes far beyond extracting the old decking and replacing it with something decorative and new.

Each week, numerous folks tune in and watch home-improvement television. They watch as “before” photos transition into works of art, all within a half-hour program. This exposure bodes extremely well for people in the pool construction industry, as each time they watch seeds of endless possibilities sprout into opportunities. The fact is, most homeowners will not tackle a pool remodel on their own. This means many of them will pursue the professional services of a company just like yours.

By far, most homeowners will look for a one-stop shop, one that has the means and experience to tackle a complete pool remodel. The decision to hire a company to remodel a swimming pool opens doors for that company to many other outdoor living scenarios and scenery. Why not propose an outdoor kitchen and barbecue area covered with a timbered pergola? Perhaps propose an added rock feature that cascades with the sights and sounds of a refreshing water feature? The possibilities are limited only to a customer’s budget and your creativity in what you will propose to them.

Why not you?
Do you realize you are the perfect person to spearhead a pool remodel project? The pool deck might not be the only ingredient in a remodel project, but it is the most costly and visible portion. Less costly necessities are replumbing, rewiring, retiling and replastering. All first require removing the old decking followed by formulating a design for the new deck. Each step requires a necessary order. Each step also requires a necessary inspection by the city or county. Organizing each phase and the appropriate inspection is the duty of the remodeling contractor. A realistic timeline for such a pool remodel project is between 30 and 60 days.

I can say after working around hundreds of pool remodeling projects that the key to success is building the right team to perform each necessary trade. It is best to find subcontractors or skilled personnel who specialize in pool remodel or new-pool construction. Access is usually limited around a backyard pool remodel and it takes a certain temperament to handle such a challenge. Some tasks require miniature equipment and plenty of handwork. Great attention to detail is not only expected but necessary. Using the same team from one project to the next helps create a consistent level of quality, unity and accountability necessary to build your solid reputation as the best pool remodeler in the business.

The pool’s decking is your opportunity to shine. The decorative concrete trade offers many colorful options that coincide perfectly with a vast array of pool decking. Attention to detail is especially important when combining decorative concrete with a pool deck. The expectation level rises and imperfections that may be overlooked on a driveway or patio will be closely scrutinized around a pool. Plan your concrete placement appropriately by paying close attention to slope and drainage. Seal your colorful masterpiece with the addition of a non-skid additive to prevent slips and falls. The number of pools across America that needs to be remodeled are stacking up with each passing day. Go do your part to remedy this situation.

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