Bathroom Vanity Gets Industrial-Look Concrete Countertop

concrete countertop with industrial gauges inserted to create a unique look.

The focal point of the room is the 3-inch industrial-style concrete countertop.

Although Shelley and Guy Chomistek of Rafter C Precast Concrete are no strangers to custom concrete countertops, this recent bathroom project held some unique creative challenges.

“We were contacted by a local car buff to transform his bathroom into a true ‘men’s room,’” says Shelley. “He wanted something very different.” And that’s exactly what they gave him.

concrete countertop red toolbox retro fitIn order to reflect their client’s enthusiasm for classic cars, the Chomisteks incorporated a wide variety of auto parts into their design. In addition to the off-the-shelf elements like the shock stool and radial repair kit, hanging front and center is a custom-made mirror fashioned from a Model A whitewall tire. Look closely and you can also see gearshift towel hooks in the reflection.

But the focal point of the room is the 3-inch industrial-style concrete countertop. Using the Cheng Pro-Formula Mix Charcoal blend, the Chomisteks cast it upside down and then set it atop a classic red Mastercraft toolbox. Shelley says they were particularly happy with the three working car gauges set into the backsplash. They’re the best feature in the room, she says, because when the lights go out the gauges glow, serving as NASCAR-themed nightlights.

This theme room was a bit of a departure from the kinds of projects the Chomisteks usually see in their Medicine Hat, Alberta, business.

“Typically, clients just get us to do the counter, and then they design the room,” Shelley says. With this project, she says, “the client gave us a lot of creative freedom.”

And this bathroom, part of the client’s extensive basement remodel, was only the beginning. The Chomisteks are currently working in another part of the basement on a bar in the style of a 1950s ice cream parlor.

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