Innovative Self-Leveling Terrazzo and Decorative Overlayment Process by Deco Pour

Terrazzo and  Decorative Overlayment to create a crisp clean logo Deco Pour is an innovative self-leveling terrazzo and decorative overlayment process. This enhanced industrial overlayment is poured thin by using a patent pending integral additive called HDS 2001. Overlayments without this additive are typically softer and will not allow for proper seeding and machine honing of the surface. The HDS hardens and densifies the industrial overlayment product allowing installers to add aggregates and grind down the overlayment without fear of adverse reactions between the seeding materials and the overlayment. The finished product is a beautifully honed, integrally colored terrazzo or decorative overlayment floor. It is abrasion-resistant, dust free and highly chemical resistant. If simply pouring a colored overlayment, the Deco Pour HDS additive will make the overlayment even harder and more durable.

Terrazzo and  Decorative Overlayment was used to create a Jelly Belly logo on this concrete floorDesigners may add material such as metal shake on hardeners, mother-of-pearl, decorative stone, colored glass, and other aggregates. Users can request heavy seeding like the standard terrazzo look or now, they have the option to choose a light seed with only a few pieces of glass or stone showing. If it’s your preference not to seed then simply choose a solid color or make a multi-colored swirl design. The overlayment can also be used to make corporate logos with intricate designs such as a fish swimming through kelp beds.

The Deco Pour line of products includes; the HDS integral hardener and densifier, honing abrasives, integral color pigments, seeding materials, colored overlayment samples, moisture vapor emission control system, overlayment neutralizing cleaner, and technical assistance.

For more information call (360) 668-2218 or visit the Deco Pour Web site.

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