Discover the Many Facets of Concrete at the Fourth Annual Decorative Concrete LIVE!

Be prepared to see a lot of color and whimsy at the fourth annual Decorative Concrete LIVE! during the World of Concrete Feb. 4-7, 2020 in Las Vegas. Prepare yourself to see a lot of color and whimsy at the fourth annual Decorative Concrete LIVE! during the World of Concrete Feb. 4-7, 2020 in Las Vegas. On the flip side, also prepare yourself to appreciate the subtleties and sophistication the same material can offer.

“This year we’re going to take decorative concrete beyond simply replicating the finishes you see on buildings in places such as downtown Chicago to something new and exciting that will get WOC attendees amped up about the possibilities concrete has to offer,” says Bent Mikkelsen, publisher of Concrete Decor magazine and the driving force behind Decorative Concrete LIVE!

“We intend to challenge the products that people traditionally use as building finishes. We will offer decorative concrete finishes that will have everyone at the show talking,” he says. And, contrary to what some might believe, these finishes will not be one-offs that can only skilled artisans with decades of experience can create.

Jake Brady casting a concrete bench at the Concrete Decor Show. Dustin Thornley of American Specialty Glass places glass aggregate into the sitting bench at the World of Concrete 2019. Numerous people entering Decorative Concrete LIVE!

“We’re going to show how more contractors can be extremely pro­ductive with these gorgeous finishes by amping them out and moving on to the next project. We’ll focus on repeatability, productivity, sustainability and energy efficiency. These surefire ways to do the job, wow your clients, sell more product and make more money.”

Manufacturer and artisan demos

Manufacturers’ representatives and artisans will demonstrate the many facets of concrete. This will range from pumping lightweight cementitious materials on commercial facades to installing landscape scenes on vertical exteriors with easy-to-use stencils.

“The demonstrations you’ll see this year are aimed to make us increasingly more competitive with others in the construction trade,” Mikkelsen says. “They’ll take us beyond simply replicating masonry, brick and bark. Be prepared for provocative.”

Joining this year’s lineup at the 2020 exhibit dubbed “Colorful Cityscapes” will once again be the multitalented show veterans Emil Gera, Matt Sampson and Randy Klassen, award-winning artisan Rick Lobdell and acclaimed public artist Cindee Lundin. Jake Brady from Florida will work his magic with GFRC and cast-in-place creations.

Troy Lemon works on a sculpture in front of lots of curious onlookers. Graco participated in the Decorative Concrete LIVE even with their pump sprayer as they adhere concrete to the walls of the space. A polishing machine sits atop the concrete slab creating a space with a high sheen.

New to the show this year, Dominick Cardone of New York City will manipulate microtoppings and stencils on both vertical and horizontal surfaces. Josh Russell and the Cement Sisters will carve creativ. And to top it off, Rebecca Fuscardo will also join the scene with some wall applications of her own. Plus, there’ll also be much, much more to take in!

“Cityscapes will bring color to life, and, not just natural tones. We will use both pastels and vibrant hues to illustrate the concrete of the 21st century,” Mikkelsen says.

If you thought the previous years were inspiring, hold on to your hard hats.

For more information about the 2020 Decorative Concrete LIVE! at World of Concrete expo visit our full write-up.

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