2022 Decorative Concrete LIVE!

Decorative Concrete Comes to Live at the 2022 Decorative Concrete LIVE!

The 2022 Decorative Concrete LIVE! will continue to showcase innovative construction applications for both residential and commercial contractors at the World of Concrete in Las Vegas, January 18-20. In previous years, thousands of attendees have interacted with artisans, product experts and also designers to learn the most current trends in decorative concrete construction.

Attendees will be looking for both practical and profitable solutions that can distinguish themselves from the competition. In this space, they will be able to dialogue with the experts at-work and also with manufacturing reps and colleagues. This is where ideas are born. This is also where purchasing decision are made. This year’s space will tie hand in hand with the Concrete Decor Store with most every product seen applied will also be available for purchase on the new store website.

Similarly to previous years, Decorative Concrete LIVE!’s 2022 theme is mind-blowing. Attendees will learn designs, techniques and also see materials with which to transform outdoor (and also indoor) spaces into colorful, vibrant contributions

The World of Concrete and Concrete Decor are teamed up to create a powerful space that leads the industry and also shows the truly limitless options that decorative concrete can provide.

Decorative Concrete Live LogoSeveral applications under discussion include:
  • Constructing both water and fire features
  • Placing textured walking surfaces using innovative tools and also additives
  • Selecting exterior coatings that bring both color and design to standard concrete.
  • Forming curved surfaces with new technologies.
  • Engraving and stenciling concrete with showstopping designs
  • Building concrete structures such as benches, tables and also caves
  • Creating custom both outdoor kitchens and custom lounge areas that include stunning fire features

“Decorative Concrete LIVE! allows the concrete community to come together to demonstrate the material’s versatility when combined with the artisan’s skill. We will also be showing concrete’s role in building resilient and sustainable communities,” says Mikkelsen.

This year’s talented artisans at 2022 Decorative Concrete LIVE! include, but are not limited to:

Emil Gera (Pennsylvania)

Chris Becker (Florida)

The Cement Sisters (California)

Brandon Davidsaivor (Wisconsin)

Rebecca & Gaetano Fuscardo (West Virginia)

Matthew Sampson (Florida)

Rachel Bruce (Arkansas)

Ben & Brittnee Bass (Georgia)

Warren Ness (North Carolina)

Tamryn Doolan (Florida)

Debbie Ohland (Indiana)

… and more.

Take a look at some pictures taken during previous Decorative Concrete LIVE! events
An view of work being done at the 2020 Decorative Concrete Live.

2018 Decorative Concrete LIVE!
2019 Decorative Concrete LIVE!
2020 Decorative Concrete LIVE!

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