Finding Success within the Decorative Concrete Industry

A few years back, L.M. Scofield celebrated its 100th anniversary. Next January, Sundek will celebrate 50 years, and Concrete Decor is about to hit its 20-year mark. While there are numerous other companies worth noting, these benchmarks convey success within our decorative concrete industry.

Ten years ago the Concrete Decor Show was launched to more effectively meet the needs of an industry that was — and remains to this day — a competitive force in the building trades.

Like other successful trades, a distribution network was required to ensure ready access to product. Today, supply stores continue to emerge, often entirely focusing on decorative concrete products, tools and equipment. Though consolidation is the norm in active markets, those who design, specify and apply our industry’s products need ongoing support to stay on track.

I’ve been around as a publisher for almost 25 years and I’ve witnessed tears in the fabric of many building trades that are virtually impossible to fix. These tears happen when an industry is constantly pulling at itself. It showcases itself in many ways.

People and companies become increasingly guarded, we stop taking the time to return calls, and we use technology in unethical ways. We lose sight of long-term goals because the short-term has us too busy to stop and think about ourselves, our family and what others have done to get us to where we are today.

What makes our longevity different?

When my editor, Stacey Klemenc, asked what makes the Concrete Decor Show different from other shows I had to stop and think. Yep, you’re right! I get caught up in the day-to-day routine as well. But, to answer that question concisely: It’s about you, me and our industry’s long-term success.

We need each other. We need time together to keep our perspectives in check. As technical tradesmen and women, we must understand at every level we refine and sharpen our skills when we’re together. We must acknowledge our trade isn’t about competition among us, but rather with all the other trades.

This is what the Concrete Decor Show endeavors to provide. It strengthens our industry, but it only does that when you’re present. Start the week off by attending the Decorative Concrete Hall of Fame awards dinner. There you will realize what a difference people make when our industry is focused on the long-term.

From all of us at Concrete Decor, we can’t wait to see you this fall in Arlington, Texas.

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