Publisher’s Letter – July 2019

These are exciting times in the life of the decorative concrete industry. The economy is strong and job opportunities are abundant. Because decorative concrete includes applications for both new and existing concrete — in addition to applications that constantly challenge traditional building solutions — there are no less than a dozen ways it can be used on commercial or residential projects.

Concrete Decor recently renewed its membership with the American Society of Concrete Contractors/Decorative Concrete Council for some important reasons. One is helping to drive a stronger message of safety. Another is our need to connect with industry experts who want what is best for their industry. Still another is to find ways Concrete Decor can help others better understand and experience the value ASCC/DCC delivers.

Personalities and perspectives are constantly clashing in our industry with Concrete Decor no exception. When some folks irritate me, I have to remind myself that while my ideas and opinions are important, so are everyone else’s.

Listen and Learn

Realizing that being right or the best at something is not really the stuff that creates industry. It’s having the ability to listen to others and feeling as though we have a safe place to share our thoughts and ideas. I know my wife is nodding her head and thinking, “Finally!” right now, even though she doesn’t know what I’m writing about.

However, the stuff that keeps our industry together and moving in a good direction is each of us recognizing that we’re happier and better equipped to meet business and life challenges when we have friends that understand our challenges and can offer their experience and insights. That’s a part of my membership with ASCC/DCC that just seems to get better with time.

I encourage our readers to look into what an ASCC/DCC membership can offer both personally and professionally. You’ll find many longtime members at the Concrete Decor Show this fall in Arlington, Texas. They’re a pretty classy group of men and women who always have others’ best interests at heart. After 20 years of publishing Concrete Decor, I can tell you with certainty that’s what makes and keeps this industry strong.

Enjoy this edition of Concrete Decor. While its pages are few this month, its content represents people who care about you and the industry we all serve.

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