Concrete stain offers affordable protection

Sherwin-Williams Vertical Concrete Stain is an ideal, cost-effective way to add distinctive color and improved appearance to large concrete structures such as parking garages, stadium supports and tilt-up, block and stucco walls. The penetrating coating adds extra protection from water and weather damage. Vertical Concrete Stain can be applied to […]

Add a scarifier to your ride-on scraper

A new scarifier attachment is available for the Blastrac BMS 270 scraper, which is used for high-volume, light demolition and concrete surface prep. The attachment increases the flexibility of this ride-on scraping machine to allow scarifying of concrete surfaces for planing or removal of built-up contaminants, mastics, glues and coatings. […]

Concrete Countertop Company Offers Valuable, Intensive Training

Countertops were the name of the game at a recent workshop sponsored by the Institute for American Craftsmanship in Eugene, Oregon. Offering its participants valuable experience in making precast and cast-in-place countertops, decorative concrete tiles and even concrete stools.

New solution for moisture-prone areas

Key Resin Company has introduced a new version of Key Urecon that combines a urethane binder with portland cement and graded aggregates to deliver superior qualities for a flooring application in manufacturing and plant settings. Key Urecon is a heavy-duty, trowel-applied, urethane-modified cementitious topping. High impactresistance and excellent thermal shock […]