Add a scarifier to your ride-on scraper

A new scarifier attachment is available for the Blastrac BMS 270 scraper, which is used for high-volume, light demolition and concrete surface prep. The attachment increases the flexibility of this ride-on scraping machine to allow scarifying of concrete surfaces for planing or removal of built-up contaminants, mastics, glues and coatings. […]

Concrete Countertop Company Offers Valuable, Intensive Training

Countertops were the name of the game at a recent workshop sponsored by the Institute for American Craftsmanship in Eugene, Oregon. Offering its participants valuable experience in making precast and cast-in-place countertops, decorative concrete tiles and even concrete stools.

New solution for moisture-prone areas

Key Resin Company has introduced a new version of Key Urecon that combines a urethane binder with portland cement and graded aggregates to deliver superior qualities for a flooring application in manufacturing and plant settings. Key Urecon is a heavy-duty, trowel-applied, urethane-modified cementitious topping. High impactresistance and excellent thermal shock […]

ACI News: Info available on cementitious products

A new publication from the ACI, titled “Report on Thin Reinforced Cementitious Products,” summarizes information on reinforcement, manufacturing methods, engineering properties, and applications of thin reinforced cementitious products. Special emphasis is placed on durability and fire resistance of thin reinforced cementitious products, in addition to other properties such as strength, […]