INTERNATIONAL CONCRETE REPAIR INSTITUTE Publication offers info on polymer flooring

The ICRI has released a new guide for designing, installing and maintaining protective polymer flooring systems for concrete. It contains detailed information on the aspects of flooring technology, performance properties, surface preparation requirements, installation procedures and testing to help the user attain long-term service from a variety of polymer flooring […]

Rhodes and Ralston partner on countertops

Concrete artist Buddy Rhodes and decorative concrete contractor Tom Ralston have begun a new hands-on Concrete Countertop Workshop series to teach interested contractors, craftsmen and artists how to make unique cast-in-place and pre-cast countertops. Also featured will be Buddy Rhodes’ signature “hand-pressed” technique, which he uses to create an extraordinary […]

AMERICAN SOCIETY OF CONCRETE CONTRACTORS Position papers offer insight on concrete

ASCC has published three new position papers: “Birdbaths on Concrete Slabs” (#7) explains why birdbaths are an unavoidable result of a flatness tolerance. “Bugholes in Formed Concrete” (#8) deals with acceptance of formed concrete surfaces. “Slab Thickness Tolerances” (#9) cites statistical data from as-built slabs and concludes that tolerances for […]