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Hex Head Sleeve Anchor

Hex Head Sleeve Anchors Show Versatility

Hex Head Sleeve Anchors Offer Options Hex Head Sleeve Anchors are versatile masonry fasteners that offer beneficial options when attaching items to solid concrete, brick and block base materials. Products Features HEX HEAD: Meets many application requirements WIDE RANGE OF DIAMETERS:Range of diameters from ¼” to ¾” 360 DEGREE EXPANSION: Provides consistent […]

FlipToggle by Confast

FlipToggle – The Next Generation of Hollow Wall Anchor

FlipToggle – The Next Generation of Hollow Wall Anchor “The FlipToggle is a single-strap hollow-wall anchor that represents the next generation of hollow wall anchors,” announced Bob Carlisle, president and founder of Concrete Fastener Systems, Incorporated. “This anchor has a simple design which can help prevent jammed toggles, broken straps and […]

Sleeve-type Concrete Anchor

Sleeve-type Concrete Anchors Get The Job Done

The sleeve-type concrete anchors are specified for anchoring into concrete, hollow concrete block, grout-filled concrete block and brick base materials. The versatility of this anchor is unmatched by any other expansion anchor in today’s fastener marketplace. Manufactured in both zinc plated and stainless steel, the sleeve anchor can get the […]

Simpson Strong-Tie Introduces Light-Duty Screw Anchor for Corrosive Environments

Simpson Strong-Tie is the leader in engineered structural connectors and building solutions. Recently, the company introduced the first 1/4″-diameter stainless-steel screw anchor. They designed this for lighter-duty applications in severely corrosive environments. Its code listed for use in cracked concrete. This new anchor is part of the broad line of […]

How The Tapcon Masonry Anchor Revolutionized the Concrete Fastening Business

“During the late 1970’s and early 1980’s, industry experts initially introduced the Tapcon masonry screw to tap threads into concrete,” stated Bob Carlisle, President and founder of Concrete Fastening Systems, Incorporated regading the Tapcon masonry anchor. “The combination of the screw’s capacity to have threads hard enough to cut into […]

Stainless Steel Fasteners is the Best Option For Corrosive Environments

Corrosion results in billions of dollars of lost income across the United States. Determining if a fastener will be attacked by corrosion can be a primary factor in achieving cost efficiency for long-term maintenance. Stainless steel fasteners have proven to be a great option for corrosive environments. Fasteners will corrode […]