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Rework: Is it an investment or unnecessary cost?

When I’m wearing my teaching/training hat, I’m known to say, “when you go back for rework, you just forfeited your profit.” But recently, an owner required one of my polisher/clients to do some rework on a polishing job. Consequently, during our conversation, I saw another angle. I had thought of […]

Approximately 38% of 2K Protective Coating Revenue Generated through Epoxy Resins

The demand for 2K protective coating revenue has witnessed a significant growth in the past few years, due to rising urbanization in developing countries. People are moving towards urban areas from rural areas. This has increased the demand for residential and infrastructure projects in developing countries. 2K protective coating plays […]

Millionth Visitor “Cements” Success of BlockStrong.com

Block Strong’s efforts to “build” awareness of the benefits of concrete block construction in Florida single and multifamily homes achieved a major milestone as BlockStrong.com recently surpassed 1 million visitors in one year. The consumer-oriented site averages more than 75,000 visitors per month. Block Strong’s primary mission is to help. […]

Decorative Concrete Demand Fueled by Rising Expenditure on Home Renovation

Homeowners, builders and designers worldwide are beginning to recognize the benefits of incorporating decorative concrete in their plans and designs to enhance the aesthetic appeal of homes and buildings. Technological innovations in construction tools and the use of concrete stains and dyes to obtain different patterns and textures have made concrete one of the most versatile and cost-effective home décor materials on the market.