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Aquajet Rotolance Lineup Excels at Surface Preparation

Aquajet, a global leader in Hydrodemolition machine manufacturing, offers a lineup of Hydrodemolition robots and attachments for improved surface preparation. Aquajet’s series of Rotolance attachments effectively clean, remove and roughen concrete. This leaves a better bonding surface that meets international guidelines for the majority of concrete surface profiles (CSP). Rotolance […]

Giatec Unveils New SmartRock Long-Range Connectivity Capabilities

Giatec, world leader in concrete testing technologies, announced at World of Concrete 2022, that their award-winning flagship product, SmartRock, and SmartHub now have long-range connectivity capabilities. This allows users to collect critical concrete data from a signal range increased by over 16-fold. The addition of long-range wireless connectivity means SmartRock, […]

Giatec Maintains Robust Supply Chain for SmartRock Wireless Concrete Sensor Despite the Global Chip Shortage

While other companies struggle with suppliers due to the global chip shortage, Giatec has increased SmartRock production to meet their growing customer demand Giatec Scientific Inc is a world leader in concrete testing technologies. Recently, the company announced that the worldwide semiconductor chip shortage has not affected production of SmartRock. […]

Giatec Limits Cement Usage and CO2 Emissions with AI-Powered Tools Roxi and SmartMix

During GreenBiz’s Verge 2021 climate tech event, Giatec, a leading innovator in sustainable concrete, draws attention to the significant reductions in CO2 emissions from cement production using their artificial intelligence (AI) tools Roxi and SmartMix. Every year, 20 billion tons (10 billion cubic yards) of concrete is produced globally. This […]

Giatec’s SmartRock AI Assistant Roxi to Validate Maturity Calibrations

Giatec is a world leader in concrete testing technologies. Recently, the company announced that their artificial intelligence program, Roxi, has the ability to detect possible errors in concrete maturity calibrations and mix proportions. Roxi was the first AI program for concrete testing.  Montreal Institute of Learning Algorithms, Mila, Quebec’s World-Renowned […]

Quikrete and Oak Ridge National Laboratory Partner to Develop Printable Concrete

The Quikrete Companies and the U.S. Department of Energy’s (DOE) Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) recently entered a cooperative research and development agreement. Together, they will design next-generation concrete for use in the production of large-scale structures through a 3D printing process. Using an additive manufacturing system developed by ORNL, […]

Voyager Auto-calibrating 360-degree Camera System by ASA Electronics

ASA Electronics is debuting their all-new Voyager Auto-calibrating 360-degree Camera System at the 20th Anniversary Work Truck Show in Indianapolis. The advanced auto-calibrating software combines the images from four cameras to create a seamless panoramic view around the entire vehicle. The revolutionary system was designed to simplify the installation process, […]

Smartrock Plus

SmartRock Plus Solution by Giatec Enters the International Market

Giatec is a world leader in concrete testing technologies. The company announced that their SmartRock Plus solution for ready-mix concrete producers is now available internationally. As a value-added solution offered by high-quality ready-mix producers, SmartRock Plus enables contractors to see concrete temperature and strength data in real-time using Giatec’s SmartRock […]