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Lavina Elite V32 Dust extractors

New Lavina Elite V32 Dust Extractors from Superabrasive

With industry-best technology and features, the all-new Lavina Elite V32 Dust Extractors take dust collection to a new level of performance and productivity. Features of the Lavina Elite V32 Dust Extractors: Four-stage dust collection for a dramatic increase in cleaning efficiency. Integrated pre-separator captures the large particles and extends filter […]

Brokk Introduces Atomized Water Mist Dust Suppression System

Brokk, the world’s leading manufacturer of remote-controlled demolition robots, unveiled the Brokk Atomized Water Mist Dust Suppression System during CONEXPO-CON/AGG 2020. To combat harmful silica dust and other airborne particles created by the demolition process, Brokk’s new dust suppression system produces atomized fog that effectively binds dust particles in the […]

New Spray Mist Skirt for Grinding Concrete with Dust Control

Aztec is presenting their latest innovation: the new Spray Mist Skirt for the Aztec UltraGrind. Aztec specifically designed this spray skirt to operate at 1000psi with the appropriate nozzle size. This generates both the optimal quantity and size to effectively trap dust particles that would otherwise escape traditional dust control […]

Esch Construction Supply Develops Grinding Shroud for Chamfer Application

Esch Construction Supply Inc., a leader in providing solutions to contractors for over 30 years, announces the launch of the Edge Eater™ Chamfer System, a dust-free grinder shroud for concrete chamfer applications. Continued focus on labor savings in unique applications, and dust-free work environments has prompted Esch to develop this specialty chamfer shroud.

ZipWall’s Pioneering “Dust Wall” System Isolates Concrete Dust in Work Areas

It doesn’t matter how good your dust recovery system may be, but when it comes to working indoors a dust control barrier system is imperative to maintaining clean and happy customers. ZipWall is the award-winning product that offers an effective method to isolating the dust and debris that’s associated with concrete cutting, profiling, or other applications.