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Stormtracker Radar on BlockStrong.com Keeps Floridians Vigilant During Hurricane Season

The 2021 Atlantic hurricane season begins June 1, 2021, and Floridians need to be ready for another active season. To help residents keep an eye on threatening weather, BlockStrong.com’s Interactive Stormtracker Radar provides live tracking of hurricanes and tropical storms that could impact their homes. The Interactive Stormtracker Radar is […]

How to Prevent Coating Defects Caused by Concrete Outgassing

Although most perceive concrete as a dry dense substance, the inherently porous material more closely resembles a hard sponge. Microscopic voids and capillaries make up much of concrete’s matrix. As the material is poured and placed, these voids allow air and moisture to flow through it. This could lead to […]

ICF Safe Rooms Offer Shelter From Natural Disasters

Tornadoes are extremely dangerous natural disasters that can come with little to no warning. People who live in tornado-prone areas, as well as those in hurricane locales, should have a safe place to go when bad weather hits. In the worst-case scenario, not having a proper safe place to retreat to can become a death sentence for homeowners and/or their families.