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Expectation Management Should Be Part of Conversation with Customers

Have you ever been in the process of completing or had just completed what to you was an amazing architectural concrete project only to be told by your client:
“It’s not what I was expecting.”
“Meh! It looks kind of ‘blah.’ I thought the color would ‘pop’ more.”
“I don’t like it.”

Successful Training Requires Commitment and a Plan

Training in the construction industry seems more daunting than some other professions.  With all of the moving parts of our industry, we not only need to train on skill and leadership, but also safety and technology.

Concrete IS NOT Care-free

Consumers, often blown away with the low prices of desktop inkjet printers, forget to consider the additional cost of ink cartridges which put many of them on a first name basis with the folks at the office supply store. If you’re selling decorative concrete as no-maintenance, you could be missing out on tapping into the same sort of profit center those cartridges represent, either through selling products or providing maintenance services — or both.

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Decorative Concrete Apprenticeship in France | Trade Association Apprenticeship

decorative concrete apprenticeship

Strengthen your decorative concrete business friendships with architects and designers

communicate with architects and designers

Art project is concrete symbol of new beginnings

Ocean of Life
Art project is concrete symbol of new beginnings

Samples, Repairs and Managing the Customer's Expectations

make a concrete sample board

There's a New Network in Town

buying group for flooring industry

The Next Level: 10 Simple Ways to Efficiently Grow Your Company

concrete stamping crewGrowing your business on limited resources can seem daunting or nearly impossible, but it is achievable over time with hard work and a clear plan of action. Adding employees can be a tough idea to grasp, when considering additional payroll and human resources.

Concrete in Colorado: Beyond Decorative Concrete

concrete contractors installing water features

The Art of a Successful Concrete Business Rebranding Campaign

successfully rebranding a concrete campaign

Western Specialty Contractors Restores, Protects Historic Mazza Castle for Next 100 Years

Mazza Castle restoration project

Improve Your Sales and Customer Relations with a Decorative Concrete Design Center

Colorado Hardscape's Concrete Design Center Showroom

How Did the Extreme Winter Affect Exterior Decorative Concrete?

Affects of extreme winter weather on decorative concrete

Presenting to Architects? How to Get Their Attention ... and Keep It

5 Things Decorative Concrete Contractors Wish Architects Would Do

things decorative concrete contractors wish architects would do

5 Things Architects Wish Decorative Concrete Contractors Would Do

Architects and decorative concrete contractors

Are You Ready to Be a Project Manager?

Concrete installation project manager

Influential concrete writer-editor Mary "M.K." Hurd passes away