Author: Concrete Decor Staff

A powerful water repellent

Degussa Admixtures Inc. has introduced Rheopel Plus Water- Repellent/Efflorescence Control Admixture, a significant breakthrough in WR/EC admixtures for the manufactured concrete products and precast and prestressed concrete markets. The novel chemistry of Rheopel Plus admixture gives it superior water repellency and secondary efflorescence control, improved primary efflorescence control, enhanced color […]

Get the “Wet Look”

Triangle Coatings Inc. has introduced White Mountain “Wet Look” Lacquer, which conforms to the strict VOC compliance regulations of Southern California while protecting and beautifying concrete, brick, masonry, stone and tile. “Wet Look” provides clear, deep-penetrating, stainblocking protection and natural color enhancement for exposed aggregate, unglazed clay pavers, and colored, […]

Scarifiers repair slab problems

The new Blastrac BMP-250-X scarifiers provide versatility for surface preparation jobs.These 10-inch scarifiers, in gas or electric models, control dust while scarifying, planing, cleaning and resurfacing concrete, asphalt and steel.They repair common slab problems and remove paint and coatings, traffic lines, mastics, adhesives and rubberized coatings. Features include a side-loading […]