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New facility for Grace/Pieri release agents opens in France

Grace Construction Products has opened a new production facility in Larnaud, France, for its Grace/Pieri release agents. The new plant enables Grace to increase sales of release agents around the world, manufacture the products with higher flexibility, and speed delivery time to customers. Operations in Larnaud are designed to reach […]

Countertop vibration system produces dense finish

The new Vibra-Beam Countertop System is a state-of-theart, patent-pending countertop vibration system. This lightweight system can be attached to any standard sawhorse to create a highquality vibration table that produces an extremely tight, dense and void-free finish. The Vibra- Beam is ideal for both new construction and remodeling contractors. Available […]

Mapei beefs up decorative concrete division

Gary Powell has been named Mapei’s new Concrete Repair Systems Terrazzo Specialist. Powell will be in charge of product development, marketing and sales of the company’s new decorative concrete topping, Terratop Terrazzo. This topping allows for thin installations, which makes it much lighter than traditional cement terrazzo. It has a […]

Sealer keeps water out

Okon W-2 economically seals regular concrete block and other moderately porous surfaces such as old weathered brick and heavily textured stucco. Offering superior water repellent performance, it is formulated with a proprietary blend of the highest quality acrylic micro-emulsions and a silanesiloxane solution. The micro-emulsions penetrate the surface to establish […]

Wet/dry vacuum runs cordless or corded

DeWalt’s new DC500 is the first cordless/corded portable two-gallon wet-dry vacuum designed specifically for contractors. For versatility, the DC500 runs off either a battery pack or a 120-volt AC electrical outlet. A Gore wet/dry filter from the makers of Gore-Tex products provides effective dust collection, trapping 99.7 percent of dust […]

Floodlights chase away the dark

Bull Dog Power Products’ new Silver Series includes quartz halogen floodlights that light up work sites from 5,000 to 10,000 square feet. These portable, weatherproof lights feature 500-watt high-intensity halogen bulbs and pebblefinished reflectors to diffuse light for broad coverage. Tubular steel tri-pods are heavy-duty with telescoping masts. All lamps […]

Hand-held shot blaster great for stenciling, cleaning small surfaces

The Blastrac 1-5HH hand-held shot blaster can be used for decorative concrete applications such as stenciling — and much more. The 1-5HH cleans and prepares small floor and wall surfaces, balconies and stairways, and small metal surfaces (such as weld seams). Applications of this 110V unit include cleaning and contouring, […]

Schmidt offers abrasive airblasting systems

Schmidt abrasive airblasting systems are designed to handle contractor needs for maintenance blast and paint operations as well as for the popular decorative sandblasted look or stenciled patterns in decorative concrete applications. Blasting systems feature pneumatic or electric deadman controls, optional remote abrasive cutoff for cleaning the area of abrasive, […]