Vol. 7 No. 5 – August 2007

Tips to Prepping Heavily Pitted Ceramic Tile Prior to Decorative Concrete Application

If you think that converting 22,000 square feet of flooring from heavily pitted ceramic tile to sleek, glossy, stylish concrete isn’t hard enough, try completing your mission in a “live” supermarket. Take on the added challenge of racing the clock in the middle of the night to get one section completed before the daily load of feet and shopping-cart wheels travels over its still-unfinished and barely dry surface.

Decorative Contractors and LEED Standards: Why You Should Take Notice

Green building has been making a lot of headlines lately — it seems as if you can’t turn on the TV, read a magazine or attend a conference without hearing about it. You have probably heard the buzz about LEED and wondered how this building rating system applies to you. Green building is the next step for the decorative contractor industry, and LEED will help you and your business take that step

The Importance of
Bonding Primers on Concrete

A primer on primers! Here’s some information on pretreatments that will stick with you. So the use of bonding primers can serve two purposes when applied to concrete before topcoating, sealing the concrete surface and developing a bond line for a coating or topping to bond to the substrate.